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How To Awaken Her Sexually

If you want to open your woman to her sexual awakening, some specific foundations need to be in place.

“Wow – Without a doubt listening to this has been the most informative and meaningful 47 minutes I have ever spent in my life.” —Dick.

A woman must feel completely safe, accepted, reassured, and rewarded for maturing sexually.

In this free, 45 minute training, I will turn you into a champion slut-maker. And when I say “slut,” I mean that in the most positive sense of the word. The word has been considered derogatory in the past. However, like many words, such as “pussy,” women reclaim them and make them OK.

In this case, a slut is a woman who embraces her sexuality. She enjoys making love and is as comfortable with slow, sensual heart-felt lovemaking experiences as she is with scenes that might include sexually abandoned positions, role play, lingerie, or other more “naughty” kinds of sex.

When you get your woman to feel so comfortable in the bedroom so that she constantly comes up with new things that turn her on and wants to try them with you, your relationship has reached a new level of intimate connection, pleasure, and downright FUN.

“What helped me the most was… ummm… everything!”

But to emphasize:

A) Erotic Vigilance – being in tune with my woman’s sexual appetite that day and providing offers that best satisfy it.

B) Safe Danger – always moving her towards pleasure. Erotic adventures. Playdates.

C) Sensate Connection – keeping her in tune with her body and anticipating physical pleasure.  —James C.


If you want your lady to be a slut for you in your private life, listen to this audio and watch the video.

  • Discover how to awaken her sensual potential.
  • Teach her to be sexually abandoned with you.
  • Make her feel passionately desired and show her attraction for you.
  • Get her confident enough to initiate lovemaking.
  • Make her comfortable surrendering her nervous system to you.

Understand how approval, reassurance, and reward are fundamental skills to opening her up to more variety, new positions, and new techniques.

Listen privately to the audio download (below the video) or watch the video slideshow of gorgeous, lingerie-clad women.




Right-click on the purple button to save this audio to your computer or smartphone.

Why am I giving you all this incredible knowledge without charging you?

I want you to understand our foundational knowledge to make you even more successful with our core programs:

Seduction Trilogy  Comprised of:

  • Seduce Her Tonight – your woman wants to be seduced. . . learn how to run her a menu of small offers to which she’ll say, “YES!”
  • Seduction Accelerator – build on the foundation of Seduce Her Tonight to escalate her “YES!” into spicy new sensual pleasure
  • Her Sexual Trainer – you’re training her with every action you take. discover how to subtly train her to enjoy even more pleasure

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight – The sensual genital massage technique that holds her in an orgasmic state for minutes to an hour
Female Liquid Orgasm – Give your woman whole body and ejaculatory orgasms
Revive Her Drive  – Turn your wife back on again and have a passionate sex life that keeps getting better

The Blow Job Secrets  – For men who want more blowjobs, get the secret to getting regular oral sex
The Passion Patch  – If you’re tired of your wife turning you down for sex, then it’s time that you discover this

These are our core home study programs that will give you and your lover a lifetime of ever-increasing sexual satisfaction.

Please comment below what the #1 new piece of information you will use in your own sexual awakening.

You Are The Champion!

Find out more ideas on how to awaken your woman sexually. Download our free report!

sexual awakening

18 Responses

  1. BTW, Susan great voice.
    Been married 30+years and recently have been moving before licking clitoris slowly together toward a new level of lovemaking.
    Practical sensitive information. I am going to spend 15 minutes min before licking that beautiful clitoris. Today we made great progress. I have always wanted to a bare pussy and together we got there. Finish wax tomorrow.
    I need our relationship to fulfill mine and her fantasies.

    Thanks for your help

    1. Glad you are making progress. A full body massage, a breast massage and a vulva massage before going right for her clitoris will help get her very aroused!

    2. I’m so glad your sex life is so great again after all this time. Knowledge really does make sex great. And yay for the bareness if that turns you on. I like it too.

  2. Dear Susan,

    I really your presentations on how man and woman can enjoy life together as married couples. How man and woman can meet their sexual needs.

    I am sharing these stories and your presentation with some young couples who are ready for marriage and experiment their sexual desires accordingly and to the fullest.

    Rex – Papua New Guiane

  3. Susan
    It is truly remarkable what we have not learnt about ourselves. This is all human physiology. We all have a lot to learn Thank you from my heart you are a shining star

  4. Dear Susan, You have an incredible way with words! Thank you for the comprehensive overview and reframing my understanding of the stuckness that I feel in being able to connect fully with my wife in the way I (and she) really deeply want but haven’t been able to find for way too long!
    I’m really looking forward to studying this again and again, and opening her more and more in love and sex and blissfulness … Omm prem love and respect

  5. Susan,

    Thank you so much for your insight, and sharing this information with us. You have given us some very practical suggestions.


  6. This was awesome!

    I’ve listened to it twice now in the past two days.

    This is tasteful advice on being a romantic leader that still covers all of the raw, naughty, dirty stuff we guys like to hear about. I love the whole, “leading a woman’s mind” in order to blossom her sexually.
    The things I didn’t know that she covered were:

    A) Erotic vigilance, – being in tune with my woman’s sexual appetite that day, and providing offers that will satisfy it.

    B) Safe Danger, – always moving her towards pleasure. Erotic adventures. Play dates

    C) Sensate connection, – keeping her in tune with her body and anticipating physical pleasure.

    To think I was going to spam her email. I’ve now bookmarked the site, downloaded several books and shared more than 4 articles.

    Good stuff!

  7. i am married too a young woman twenty years younger. i want to do everything possible to keep her happy and satisfided. p.s. an old dog can learn new tricks, craig

  8. Susan,
    Wow – Without a doubt listening to this has been the most informative and meaningful 47 minutes I have ever spent in my life. Finally, all I have been learning and studying relative to relationships have been brought into context and sharp focus with each other. It’s one thing to have a pile of bits and pieces, it’s quite another when you are given the map as to how to assemble them. In a word, now I get it.

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this. I greatly appreciate and applaud the genuine interest and concern that is behind everything I have experienced with Personal Life Media communications and products. No small part of this, Susan, has been the intensity and forthrightness of your spoken interviews and other material. You may be the one person in this world who can pull this off without ever seeming cheesy or overly titillating.

    I wish the best of everything for you, Tim and the entire Personal Life Media team. Thank you so much.

  9. I Love your teaching man how to be better to their woman, keep up good work.
    I’ll look forward to get your book soon
    Thank you

  10. Dear Susan,
    Thanks so much for posting such good, honest and useful material.

    I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, but the audio track on this page is 32:12 and cuts out in the middle of a sentence. The same audio track, which was turned into a “video” with dissolving still frames is 47:34.

    I would like to play this for my Lady and believe she would be more comfortable with the Audio Only version, rather than the video. So, I”m wondering if there might be a link where I could download the whole audio file, with the missing 15 minutes?

    Thank you so much for your time and help with this.
    Keep up the good work,

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