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Reach Around And Cup His Buried Shaft

Cup His Manhood

Your manhood can atrophy, shrivel, wither and deteriorate over the years if you are not actively manipulating it. Of course there is self-pleasuring, but consistent intercourse and oral pleasuring contributes significantly to the long-term health of your member.

I make it my duty to strengthen my man’s member through stroking, squeezing, palpating and suckling him. This has long term positive effects on his ability to get harder, stay firm and it has actually made him noticeably thicker and longer over the years.

My big secret is awareness of the part of his shaft that is inside his body. I spend a lot of time stimulating the buried shaft, which adds to his overall pleasure as well as length and girth. In the years I’ve been doing this, he’s definitely gotten bigger.

Try this technique while you are making love in the missionary position.

Have her reach around and massage the buried shaft of your member, in front, underneath and behind your testicles as you make love. She can also stroke your testes at the same time.

You will feel different sensations from the root area being stimulated than you do with the glans and shaft.

Have her put her attention on engorging the part of your shaft that is buried up inside you. This will feel incredibly good to you and will likely make your erection stronger in the short term while strengthening your member in the long term.

Put some attention on this buried part of your anatomy and tell me if you see the same results as I do.

Getting To The Root of What Matters.

With love,
Sloane Fox.

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One Response

  1. Thanks! Great idea. I can feel myself getting harder just reading your message, and I can’t wait to try it with my lover! In fact, the part of me that is inside me feels swollen and hard now.

    I have 9 inches when at full attention and thick. She loves it but can’t take it all without “hitting bottom”> She can’t take me anal either..too thick. She does penetrate me anally and rubs my prostate with one hand and makes me squirt with her other. THAT feels GREAT!!

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