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Cheating, Lie There, Make Out, Cup His Buried Shaft [Link Digest]

Our New Year’s resolution is to give you more amazing products and articles to help you become a better lover, and we’re starting off 2013 with these tips and tricks that will spark up your passion:

The Benefits of Cheating Infidelity The Benefits of Cheating  

There is a silver lining even in the troubled cloud of infidelity. Oftentimes, cheating is a work-around in a sexless marriage. Find out why.

Let Her Just Lie There Lovemaking Let Her Just Lie There  

It is perfectly normal and acceptable for a woman or a man to simply lie there and enjoy the sensations in the moment. I find that slowing down, waaaay down, can increase your arousal and desire. Try it tonight.

The Make Out Massage Attraction The “Make Out” Massage  

Combine a hot make-out (a kissing session) in bed as you massage her body with your full body pressed against her. Savor the pure joy of how it feels to have her close. Click on the link to read more.

Reach Around And Cup His Buried Shaft 1 Reach Around And Cup His Buried Shaft  

Your manhood can atrophy, shrivel, wither and deteriorate over the years if you are not actively manipulating it. Of course there is self-pleasuring, but consistent intercourse and oral pleasuring contributes significantly to the long-term health of your member.

To More Joy and Pleasure!

With love,
Sloane Fox

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