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Sandbox Dates: Play And Discover Your Sexuality Together

Sandboxes-Discover Your Sexuality Together

Sandboxes (Practice Sessions)

It’s like play-and-discover—relative to the specific subject matter of the Sandbox—with attention to communication and feedback rather than on performance.

Examples include: finding and exploring a woman’s G-spot, pleasuring the man with slow strokes, or touching for rapture. I suggest you consider every activity described in the Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program to occur in a Sandbox.

The goal of a Sandbox is not lovemaking – though it can be a very loving experience. The point is play and discovery. The focus is on communication and learning.

  • Pick a topic for the Sandbox to be “about.” The first time you do this make it something bite-size, since you’re learning a new process. For example: How much pressure you like when your partner first touches you, or how you like your clitoris touched as you are just getting warmed up, or perhaps experiment with a slower stroke when doing your guy
  • Set aside 10 to 60 minutes in advance, at a time when you’re both well rested and ready for learning and discovery
  • Set the space nicely and enter Loverspace (Explained in Session 2 of Expand Her Orgasm Tonight – aka “EHOT”)
  • It may also be helpful to connect through Acknowledgements (Session 6)
  • Confirm what the Sandbox will be about; then get into the topic.
  • I recommend using lots of communication about what’s working and what could be better, with much less emphasis on what is not working or what is wrong.
  • Remember that you are both on the same team! You are Partners in Pleasure!
  • After you’ve completed your Sandbox activity, talk about what happened and what you’ve discovered. Some people do this kind of communication best when touching, or cuddling, and others prefer to sit facing each other
  • When you’re done, thank each other, appreciating what it took to go on this new adventure together, and exchange a grounding hug

Examples of Sandbox subjects:

  • How to touch somebody, the way you like to be touched
  • How to get more comfortable before the date begins
  • Your favorite position for oral sex
  • Different kinds of strokes for the clitoris or G-spot
  • How to communicate lovingly just before you begin the date
  • Kissing

It’s worth re-emphasizing that every session in Expand Her Orgasm Tonight includes a Sandbox, which is why giving your woman a genital massage that holds her in ever-expanding orgasmic pleasure is such a great program.

This post comes directly from Dr. Patti Taylor’s Master Practices Guide.

With love,
Susan Bratton

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  1. seems to be a modification of a “problem-solving” routine that I USED YEARS AGO AT THE “CORPORATE” LEVEL

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