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When She Feels Too Fat for Sex

She's Too Fat To Want Sex

In my intimate interviews with men, the single biggest roadblock to more sex that I hear from them is that their wife or girlfriend isn’t interested in having sex because she feels FAT.

I thought it might be helpful for you to use any or all of these ideas to overcome her resistance. Give them a try and let us know how they worked by posting a comment below.

1) Tell her she looks more beautiful to you today than the day you met.

Not only did you choose her because she’s your type of woman, you have so much history together that you remember each time you look her in the eyes.

2) Explain to her that you find her sexy just the way she is.

The fat she perceives doesn’t even register with you. You don’t even notice it. Besides, she just feels really good in your arms and when you touch her.

3) Offer to do a weight loss program WITH her.

Once she looses even 5 lbs., and you’re eating better together, she’ll feel like you are her champion, on her side and will more likely be willing to consider your romantic advances.

4) Ask her if she’d enjoy you treating her to some sexy lingerie or a negligee.

Sometimes just covering up the saggy or poochy bits can give a woman more confidence AND she’ll feel pretty in the new clothes.

5) Buy an orange light bulb and put it in your bedside table.

The orange light makes every woman feel more beautiful. Scatter a few candles around the room. Put on sexy music. (Barry White, Moorcheba)

Most of all, tell her she’s beautiful to you every day.

Each day, make one specific compliment. Notice something special about her. Pretty hair, a pretty color item of clothing, how nice her make up looks, how you like the curve of her calf, the softness of her skin, how her breasts look in a particular top.

Try these ideas and let me know your success or if you get stopped up anywhere.
Good luck! Keep trying! It takes effort and it’s worth it.

With love,
Susan Bratton

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