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The 5 Benefits of Expanded Lovemaking

5 Benefits of Expanded Lovemaking Dr Patti Taylor <=== Free eBook

5 Benefits of Expanded Lovemaking

You’re spending erotic time with someone — laughing, kissing, lusting, bonding…

You are connecting, immersing in mutual attraction, longing to feel your partner more fully, to merge, to breathe one breath, to feel skin against skin dissolving, to taste your beloved’s sweetness, to offer yourself as your greatest gift… fully…

And this dance of meeting-and-being-met becomes increasingly engaging, spiraling into ecstasy.

All this seems to occur effortlessly, even inevitably.

Time either stops altogether… or flies so quickly that the next glance at the clock reveals that many hours have passed.

I call this “event” Expanded Lovemaking.

Not everyone has experienced this type of event.

To some, Expanded Lovemaking seems serendipitous, out of their control — something wonderful that “just happens” when conditions concatenate just so.

I wonder if such people feel a little sad that the appearance of sublime mystery seems so capricious.

Fortunately, Expanded Lovemaking can be learned, regardless of past experiences.

Many are so drawn, and so moved, by the promise of Expanded Lovemaking that they choose to enter Expanded Lovemaking as a lifelong path.


  • Is Expanded Lovemaking your path?
  • Who is on this path of Expanded Lovemaking?
  • Is Expanded Lovemaking a form of Tantra?
  • What is the value of being on a path?
  • What are (some of) the benefits of choosing Expanded Lovemaking as a path?

The 5 Benefits:

  1. Benefit One: You feel more pleasure more deeply than ever.
  2. Benefit Two: You live life with more turn-on, connection (with yourself and others) and love.
  3. Benefit Three: You enjoy a more deeply spiritual life, accompanied by heightened creativity.
  4. Benefit Four: Your mind becomes your friend.
  5. Benefit Five: You get to live in a pleasure-oriented, mindful world.

I am one of those who chose the path of bliss, as are Susan, Tallulah and Sloane.

Join us by downloading my free eBook and reading more.

All of these benefits of Expanded Lovemaking are taught inside Expand Her Orgasm Tonight as part of the “21 Sandbox Dates.” If you want a step-by-step way to walk the path of passion with your lover, start there.

Take The First Step On The Path.

With love,
Patricia Taylor

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