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The Tuning Fork Technique For Simultaneous Orgasms

If you have a partner, you’re so lucky. But even if you’re between lovers it’s a great time to activate your orgasmic potential. You can do more orgasmic cross training with various tools. Then, when you are with a new lover, you’ll be more confident and more responsive, making it an even better experience to be with you.

Take Ryan, for example. He discovered me on YouTube, then he bought my FLOW Nitric Oxide Booster and DESIRE Libido Vitamin Mineral Complex. He’s been reading my newsletter and then he joined my OnlyFans VIP Perks

I was chatting with him on OF and asked him how his sex life was going. He said, “It’s not.” 😩

I encouraged Ryan to take this time to learn the ME Breath so that when he gets a lover he can have unlimited stamina and full-body male multiple orgasms.

I told him, “You could also discover your P-Spot and start having more blended orgasms. This is healthy for you and expands your ability to spread the arousal through your body so you gain more stamina. 

I’ve found the men who learn the ME Breath and who engage in P-Spot orgasmic stimulation have a much quicker path to becoming multi-orgasmic men with ejaculatory choice (they can come when they want to or their woman begs them to).

When you can confidently last as long as a woman needs you to in a relaxed way, you can start to put your full attention on her and the pleasure you’re co-creating. If you’re up in your head worried about coming too fast… 

Or if you have to hold back or downshift your turn on to keep from ejaculating before she’s ready… 

She can feel it. She can feel your stress. She can also feel your nervousness about trying to MAKE her come.

She will actually come better for you when you’re not trying to make her come. Because you’re up in your head strategizing instead of connecting your heart with her. A lot of guys have trouble connecting their heart to their penis. 

Jim’s Tuning Fork technique helps you get present and start to deeply connect with a woman. This is what will send her over the top. Not trying to do her, just learning how to BE with her.

Susan Jim Tuning Fork

The Tuning For Technique: ⇐ Video for Unlimited Stamina and Simultaneous Orgasms

Working on The Me Breath and P-Spot Orgasms increases your body’s ability to become multi-orgasmic.

My favorite prostate massagers are:

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Working on your P-Spot orgasms, blended penile/P-Spot orgasms, and improving your semen flow add to your ageless sexual pleasure. This also helps you connect your heart to your cock. And it helps you have better stamina. P-Spot massagers also bring blood flow into the Prostate so that you oxygenate the area for less incidence of BPH and other prostate issues.

Just as every man over 40 should be using a penis pump to keep atrophy at bay, you should also be generally incorporating prostate pleasuring into your masturbation practice and your lovemaking.

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