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 3 Steps To Wave After Wave of Oralgasms

Hoping this email finds you super happy and energetic today. Here’s another fan question I thought you’d find fascinating… It prompted me to ask my man to watch our Steamy Sex Ed 30 cunnilingus techniques again and do them to me. I am up for some more variety!

Blow Each Other

“I love going down on all my women but every woman is so different, I often ask them to touch themselves to somehow learn what they like and how they touch themselves, but many are reticent. How can I assure them that I am trying to please them first and foremost?” – Ted (Name Changed To Protect Privacy)

Hi Ted,

Not only is every woman different, but they are different every time you have sex with them and they change DURING the lovemaking date! I really have a lot of heart for you guys trying to give us incredible pleasure.

As young women, we often got the message that “touching ourselves” was bad. Many women don’t have a masturbation practice. Or they use a vibrator, which creates very different sensations than a tongue. Many women would be embarrassed to touch themselves during partnered sex. I’m not sure this is the route to figure out what they like.

Try these 3 steps for encouraging a woman to surrender to her pleasure and have one after another after another after another oralgasms…

There are a couple of components to making a woman feel so comfortable when you eat her out that she keeps coming through the whole thing…

First, the physical. Having a Fascinator to lie on so she can release without worrying about the sheets. Pillows to prop her body. Here’s my pillow position.

You can watch this with your lover and see what she would like you to do. Or you can do them and ask her to tell you which are her favorites of the moment.

Tell her you want to know everything and anything that’s on her mind at any time. If she wants more pressure, harder, softer, moving from an area, tongue inside or not, everything it comes up for her.

Use the Sexual Soulmate Pact to get her comfortable communicating with you. Most guys act butt hurt if a woman gives them feedback. Show her you are not like those other guys. You WANT to know what she needs. That is HUGE!

Soumate Pact

Between having good communication, making her physically comfortable, and then knowing and trying a wide VARIETY of oral techniques, you will WOW every woman you are with!

Even now when I watch Steamy videos I see things I want to try that I haven’t. Variety is crucial for good oral. That combined with how you have made it so nice for her to relax and she can say anything to you is going to relax her enough to really start coming a LOT!

Susan Steamy

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