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Still My #1 Health Hack (So Simple Yet Powerful)

The world of biohacking is a thrilling, fast-paced, no-holds-barred race into the future of human potential. We’re all on this incredible spacecraft zipping through space-time, with innovations and breakthroughs whizzing past us like neon-bright comets. Blink, and you might miss the next big thing — and trust me, it’s tough to keep both eyes open all the time. 

While the sheer pace can be daunting, it’s also exciting — akin to a kid in a candy store, each option more tempting than the last.

Cold showers, heat, light therapy, intermittent fasting, hyperbaric oxygen, and gene therapy are exhaustive and exhilarating. The burning question, though, is how do we pick the right candy?

That’s why I love the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule. I apply it to just about all my decision-making and prioritization. In its simplest form, 20% of our actions deliver 80% of our results. Think of it as the nutritional value of food — only a tiny proportion of what we consume contributes to the bulk of our nourishment. This rule permeates all aspects of life — from business, where 20% of your customers account for 80% of your revenue, to personal relationships, where 20% of the people in your life provide 80% of your joy and fulfillment.

It’s the same with biohacking. I spend copious amounts of time conducting research, testing protocols, and diving deep into the swirling vortex of information to unearth the golden 20% that will get us 80%.

My biohacking favorite, which I’d place high in that influential 20%, is exploring the potential benefits of Nitric Oxide (NO) supplementation and the importance of essential vitamins and minerals for our body’s overall well-being.

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the world of biohacking


NO is a small but fascinating molecule that scientists believe could play a role in blood vessel relaxation and blood flow — it’s a significant area of research in human physiology. Meanwhile, vitamins and minerals play many roles, from bone health and energy production to immune function. This 20% is an incredible power couple that packs an 80% punch, nudging us toward peak performance and well-being.

Despite the irresistible allure of the biohacking universe and its infinite possibilities, we must maintain sight of the fundamental pillars of health and wellness. Call it your 20% bedrock. 

This includes regular exercise, like a lovingly handwritten love letter to your body, and good nutrition, the equivalent of whispering sweet nothings into your body’s ear. Let’s remember adequate rest, our bodies’ sweetest lullaby, and the cleansing power of detoxing, akin to a therapeutic breakup with toxins. Last but not least is nurturing our mental health, the golden thread that weaves our whole well-being tapestry together.

These foundational practices may have a different novelty than the latest biohacking trends, but many wellness experts believe they can significantly contribute to our health and wellness journey.

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