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The Erectile Vagina Systems: Explained

This video shows how the vulva has interlocking erectile tissue systems.

I love to discover new sex techniques.

I’m one of those people who collects pleasuring skills… probably like you. 

This is why I’m delighted to share this video on female genital anatomy with you. 

Knowing the anatomy of a woman is like understanding her sexual operating system. 

Knowing the female operating system makes every sex technique you’ve learned work better. 

My friend and sexpert Susan Bratton got together with her mentor, Sheri Winston, to dive deep into the vulva. That’s the vaginal anatomy.

The vulva is the word for the entire female genital system, including the vagina (inside, the labia, the clitoral structure, and even several erectile tissue sponges you’ve never heard of!)

A woman has as much erectile tissue inside her as a man does in his penis, but almost everything is hidden there. 

Knowing where all this tissue is and how to pleasure them is an accelerant of your skills as an excellent lover.

And creates more orgasmic sensations if you’re the vulva owner.

Susan is giving away this video for FREE right now. She and Sheri discuss how the vulva has two interlocking erectile tissue systems.

I never knew that.

I promise you’ll learn some pleasurable facts to increase your skills and expand your orgasmic potential.

I’ve never seen two women with more knowledge about how to put a woman into profound ecstasy before. 

Female Genital Anatomy For Pleasure And Connection ⇐ Watch For FREE Now

Female Genital Anatomy


The sexperts talk about the difference between puppies and pussies — which we’ll explain a great deal about why the masculine and feminine behave the way they do.

This video contains excellent insights that make your sex life take off like a rocket ship.

These two are pretty funny with their frank talk and their vulva puppet. The vulva puppet is a riot. It even has a 1970s-style afro. You’ve got to see it!

You’ll be entertained, explained, and reframed in all the best ways. 

Please don’t miss the video. It’s too good to pass by. I learned about some pleasure parts I didn’t know about. Watch it now!

Female Genital Anatomy For Pleasure And Connection ⇐ Watch For FREE Now

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