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Unlocking the Healing Power of Exosomes: A Guide to the Latest Research

I want to talk to you about exosomes. 

You might be scratching your head and wondering what exosomes are. Well, let me break it down for you in simple terms.

Exosomes are tiny little bubbles that your cells use to communicate with each other.

Think of them as little messengers that carry important information between your cells. They’re like the postal service of your body, delivering essential packages to the right places.

You might be wondering why exosomes are so crucial for your health. Well, let me tell you. Exosomes are critical to everything from immune system function to tissue repair.

When your body needs to heal from an injury or fight off an infection, it sends exosomes to help coordinate the response. These little bubbles help your body communicate and work together to get the job done.

In this video, Susan Bratton chats with Dr. Jeffrey D. Gross, founder of ReCELLebrate in Henderson, Nevada. This is a regenerative clinic. Dr. Gross was a neurosurgeon and got tired of trying to fix things with surgery after they went on too long as problems. He turned to exosomes to heal bodies sooner, rather than later. Dr. Gross shares his expertise on how exosomes can be used for various health conditions. 

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ Exosome-Focused Augmentation with Susan Bratton and Dr. Jeffrey D. Gross 


Dr. Gross explains that by unlocking the power of exosomes, we could usher in a new era of personalized medicine that treats each individual’s unique needs.

I went to ReCELLebrate to have an exosome IV to help me recover more quickly from a surgery. My personal experience was that I felt like I had the light flu for a day and a half afterward. Dr. Gross said that is his favorite body response from exosome IV. The patients seem to have more positive outcomes when their body reacts this way.

I wish I could have quarterly exosome IVs for longevity and repair of my body’s aging. Exosomes are used for many applications now and it’s just the beginning of this modality. I encourage you to learn more about exosomes now and watch how they explode on the functional longevity scene. Once again, I’m getting you to the head of the line for staying young, vital, and healthy. I don’t want to just extend your sex span, I want to extend your whole health span for a long, active life. Exosomes are going to be key. 

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ Exosome-Focused Augmentation with Susan Bratton and Dr. Jeffrey D. Gross 

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