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Getting Lucky And Getting Laid (Part 2 of 3)

This is part 2 of a three-part series for men to understand the female arousal system, but it’s just as crucial for women to know what WE need from our partners to have orgasmic intercourse.

Why is it that your partner isn’t asking you for sex as much as you want? Why does it seem like you have to do all the initiation? Don’t let it frustrate you. Deal with what is and get great at setting up opportunities for sensual intimacy instead.

She isn’t always ready for sex like you are. She needs smaller offers to start her arousal process.

Once you get into her world and realize how different her sexual operating system is from yours, you’ll know she needs YOU to start the party. 

The typical woman is simply not biologically or sociologically programmed to be the sexual leader in setting up opportunities for making love. When instead you hone this seduction skill and realize it has nothing to do with how desirable you are to her, you will get more great sex together in the long run. 

Understanding how different she is from you sexually will give you the empathy to meet her where she is and move her toward pleasure with you. Our Seduction Trilogy program teaches you exactly how to make these small offers to which she will say yes! Get the free ebook, More Sex More Often here to discover how to do this. It’s a game-changer.

Last week, we talked about slowing down to a woman’s pace (and how lovely that is for you both). 

Here’s tip #2: Don’t go straight for the “target.” Meander. 

It’s normal for men to be goal-oriented. 

You want sex. You get it. You reach climax. You’re satisfied. You’re done. 

But that’s not the way of the phenomenal lover that women crave. 

Instead, get lost in the intimate, sexual bliss. 

Start with full body touch, never going straight for her breasts or genitals. 

If her feet hurt, massage them. Kiss her forehead, neck, and cheeks before kissing her lips. Stroke her back, her chest (but not her breasts), her belly, and her buns before traveling to her inner thighs and breasts. 

Begin kissing her lightly and slowly over time, and meet the tip of your tongue to hers. Do some French kissing. Rub warm organic oil all over your hands. Slowly touch her breasts and nipples and pleasure them as you kiss her. If she wants it, lay your penis in her hand so she can feel your firmness.

Add more oil to your hands and offer her a Yoni massage. The Yoni is her female genitals. It’s pronounced Yo-Nee. It’s a Tantric lovemaking term that sounds sexier and sweeter than vagina or something more crude. Yoni is a good term for her lady parts.

Lie her down with her legs butterflied open and resting on pillows. Make sure the lighting and room ambiance are comfortable for her. 

Begin massaging her belly, thighs, and mons pubis before rubbing her outer labia. Then add more oil to your fingertips and start stroking her clitoral hood, inner labia, and her fourchette, where the labia meet at the bottom near her perineum. 

Do not enter her vestibule between the labia until you ask if you may enter her. Then and only then can you lightly stroke her vaginal opening, clitoral shaft, and head. 

For a lot of women, they’ve experienced that men just grab their boobs and stick themselves right inside. It’s overwhelming to a woman not to have enough warm-up; over time, it makes her want less sex instead of more. 

Remember, our bodies are being penetrated. It’s a LOT to experience. And when it happens too fast, it leaves our body with a negative experience. That’s why this slow roll, from her extremities to her creamy sweet center, is vital to making sure she has a pleasurable experience.

Sex isn’t just about friction and orgasms. It’s about pleasure and enjoyment of each other. 

So take it slow. Take pleasure in enjoying each other’s pleasure. 

Become an endless loop of lovemaking. 

That should be a good enough start for now. Try this out tonight. Then get back to me on how it goes. We’ll continue with the other tips next week. 

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