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How To Heal Vaginal Scars, Tears, and Thinning (Mailbag)

Childbirth and athletics cause vaginal scarring in many women. The damage can make intercourse painful. But they are fixable! 🙂

Here’s an email from Joe asking for my advice about his wife’s vaginal pain. 

I have two video resources in this email about healing vaginal scarring and tearing.

Scroll down for Joe’s email.

Sexual Regenerative Techniques Using PRP ⇐ Watch Now

Click here to watch how to heal vaginal scars once and for all! ⇐ 5-Minute Video.


“Hi, Susan,

I have a question that maybe you can help me with. My wife has a scar from childbirth on the bottom part of her yoni.

Last night during lovemaking, I could tell she was uncomfortable by reading her body language, so I stopped and said, “Babe, I can tell this isn’t working for you.”

I was changing my hip position, so I was below her yoni, and when I was thrusting (slow, deep, and deliberately shifting sides on occasion), my penis was hitting the top G area of her vagina. This was putting pressure on her scar and causing her pain. I had no idea. I tried to change things up and stimulate her G area with my penis.

I understand what she means, but I thought of asking her to show me where the scar is. She said it hurts when I push down on it. I assume she means the underside of my penis as my hips were below her yoni. I’m going to ask her tonight just to make sure. The last thing I wanted was to hurt her. I told her as much last night.

During sex, she gave me the dreaded can you finish up soon, but I completely understood afterward when she explained it was painful. We did finish in a different position which seemed to help her.

My wife isn’t very vocal during sex, so I must read her biofeedback to see if she enjoys it. This can be a little frustrating. I wish she would say, “Yeah, right there, baby!” or “Do it like this, babe; that isn’t working for me.”

At least she communicates with me afterward to let me know what isn’t working for her. She finally told me how I was pushing on her scar when I asked her why that position might not have worked for her.

When she eventually told me… all I said was “thank you” as you teach us. “I will try not to push on your scar again.” I also said, “Darn kids and their big heads!” which made us laugh. Then I said… “But you sure do make beautiful babies, though, babe! Love you!”

I love it. I always thank her when she gives me positive or negative feedback. Great advice! Anyway, have you come across other guys whose wives are having pain from childbirth scars? Any tips or ideas on making it less painful for her? I think I have to keep my hips above her yoni. It makes sense now why her go-to position has been the missionary position. It probably puts less pressure on her scar.” — Joe (not his real name)

Thank you for your email and trust, Joe.

Below is a video I did on healing vaginal scars at home and another using sexual regenerative techniques using PRP.  You may want to consider PRP, platelet-rich plasma injections put into the scarred or torn or thin areas to regrow and bolster the vaginal tissue.

PRP has healing factors in your body that repair the tissue exactly where you need it.

I had a sensitivity at the base of the opening of my vaginal canal that bothered me for years. Dr. Robyn injected PRP into that area during my last O Shot; it feels much better now!

Scars, tears, and even wasting away of vulvar tissue are prevalent. 

Watch this video with Dr. Robyn Benson and me explaining how PRP works to fix these issues and increase sexual satisfaction.

Sexual Regenerative Techniques Using PRP ⇐ Watch Now.

And here’s a video with all my excellent recommendations to permanently heal vaginal scarring! 

Also, the oils I use are in my Amazon store under Safe Lubrication. The Hobe oil is not organic. It’s a ‘health and beauty’ grade. The oil I used to use, refined organic avocado, is no longer on Amazon. I am working on finding a good supplier of organic, refined avocados. The Sweet Almond isn’t organic, either. The only organic oils are the two coconut oils. Coconut oil is not as thick, but it’s organic. You decide if organic or glide is your top priority.

Click here to watch how to heal vaginal scars once and for all! ⇐ 5-Minute Video


If you have any questions, just email me. I do my best to help everyone with all their sexual issues and desires.

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