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3 BONDING Ideas: Sensuality with Your Limbic Brain

Here are three sweet ways to connect more deeply. Oh my, we need these!

It may help you to know that human bonding involves a specific part of the brain—the limbic system. Your limbic brain is the seat of emotion and plays a crucial role in forming and maintaining relationship bonds. Thus it’s essential to maintain a strong connection with your sexual soulmate.

The following practices will increase your limbic connection with your lover by harnessing the power of your natural physiological processes. Follow these practices, and your relationship becomes a vital resource you can draw from to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Look into each other’s eyes

As it turns out, the window to your soul is also a direct line to your limbic brain. I’m not suggesting you sit on meditation pillows and practice eye-gazing, although if you do, it’s a direct way to jack into each other’s limbic brain. That’s a bit much for most people, especially if one of you is eye-shy. I suggest you begin by looking at each other across the dinner table. Get present and honestly LOOK at your partner. See them. Be seen.

Next, start playing with eye contact during lovemaking. Look into each other’s eyes as you’re kissing or pleasuring each other. Another perfect time to lock eyes is at the peak moment. The wondrous, soulful connection that occurs when you appreciate your partner in pleasure is indescribable.

Synchronize Your Hearts 

Knowing how to slow down and synchronize your heart rates not only expands the limbic bond between you but also reduces stress levels daily. Just spend time with your hands on each other’s hearts and see how that calms and connects you. Some men love to cup one hand on his lady’s mons and the other on her heart.

Breathe Together

In the same way, you can synchronize your heart rates, you can also coordinate your breathing. A tantric practice known as circular breathing strengthens the bond between sexual soulmates. That’s where the masculine breathes in the feminine, and she follows his lead.

Generally, a man’s lungs are larger, so he has to breathe more shallowly as she breathes more deeply in sync with his rhythm. He breathes in her out-breath. Then she breathes his breath in as he exhales. You’re face-to-face and connecting through breath. She can sit on his lap facing him or cross-legged in front of him.

Starting an intimate date by breathing and looking into each other’s eyes grounds and bonds you. In addition to the stress-reduction effects, breathing together has a powerful effect on your arousal. The more deeply you breathe into your genitals, the more fire you’ll feel.

Modulate Your Nervous Systems 

Breathing together, holding, touching, clearing the air, admiring and appreciating one another—all of these can calm and fire up your nervous system. It all depends on what each of you needs at the moment. A woman will feel more and deeper desire when a man takes the time to calm her nervous system before initiating sexual touch. That is also true for men, especially if they come home stressed. Some people need to be aroused straight away. Others need to be calmed before we can be aroused. And sometimes, we switch,  so reporting from your animal and letting your lover know what you need in each moment is critical.

You can learn many things to make your intimacy deeper and more satisfying. 

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