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How To Touch Her Genitals (To Give Her Orgasms) 

If you’re a woman, this may be a breakthrough piece of information for you… and if you’re a man, discovering what engorgement is and how to do it will unlock her pleasure chest with a bounty of satisfying orgasms.

If engorgement is a new word for you, it means “swollen.” Just like a man gets an erect penis from stimulation… a woman needs this blood flow to her genitals too.

This video is all about giving her a clitoral erection so she can have many kinds of orgasms.

Her clitoris — the part that’s showing — is just the tip of the iceberg. She has as much erectile tissue inside her as you do in your penis. 

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For her to come harder and faster, you’ve got to get her ENTIRE clitoral structure and her other erectile tissue areas up inside her vagina hard, erect, swollen, and engorged (all these words mean the same thing) for her to come well.

You must remember, too, that you’re a light switch, and she’s a fire. You want to stair-step her nervous system so that you’re slowly turning her on. A little stimulation, a tiny little break. A little more stimulation. A small little break.

Have you ever heard about clitoral fatigue? That’s when you give a woman orgasm, but her clitoris is so sensitive you can’t keep touching it. She has to have you stop. That is because you’re not toggling her nervous system.

You’re not taking her up, giving her an orgasm, and then giving her down strokes, peaks, or breaks.

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ How To Touch Her Genitals To Give Her Orgasms.

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