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“Help! My vagina is broken!” (Mailbag)

Painful sex is a massive problem for many women. 

And it happens often enough that I encounter a reader with similar struggles. Some feel lost after trying just about everything. 

I just received an email from a reader going through a lot. She’s going through health issues, but her main problem is vaginal dryness. 

And according to her, it’s become so bad she calls it “debilitating.”

Check out her email and my complete recommendations below. 

“I would be grateful if you could point me in the direction of any help as I am broken. 

I am 42 but was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome and Premature Ovarian Insufficiency at 36. My first and foremost symptom has always been debilitating vaginal dryness. I am happily married and a mother of 14-year-old and 10-year-old twins. My husband has been so understanding and supportive; putting him in this situation breaks my heart.

I started using an internal estrogen cream which kind of helped and enabled me to have intercourse still, but in this last year, I have now lost sensation down there, and my orgasms are taking a lot longer and are very weak. I’m also losing my libido too. I feel numb emotionally and physically about life, which is quite upsetting! It’s like nothing resonates with me. 

 I am on a low-dose estrogen patch 37.5mg and a progesterone tablet, but I feel rubbish and my husband & kids say my moods are awful. My physio has sent me for an MRI scan which can come back with impingement on the right L3, so I didn’t think that would be causing the vaginal numbness. Honestly, I would not be here if I did not have kids! I can’t imagine completely losing my sexual function with my husband for the rest of my life. We had such a great sex life before. Is there anything I can do, please? 

Kind regards 

Lorna Jean (not her real name)”


Dear Lorna Jean,

Here is a two-prong approach to solving your issues. 

The first is functional medicine, a systemic treatment plan to reverse your auto-immune disease. 

It may involve low-dose immunotherapy to reverse the effects of a potential viral or bacterial infection that caused your Sjogren’s symptoms. And it will include a revamp of your nutrition and exercise that likely involves eating organic vegetables and healthy fats such as eggs, meat, fish, avocado, nuts, and seeds with no white sugar or white flour and minimal carbohydrates. 

Because your condition is tied to your adrenals, you should monitor your thyroid actively and eat organ and glandular meats daily. You have to prop yourself up with powerful nutrition. This super healthy diet with lots of extra fats can be supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids from cod liver oil and other omega supplements. 

You’ll want your functional doctor to get an Organic Acid Test to see if you’re deficient in any amino acids, vitamins, or minerals and to ensure you have plenty of omega fatty acids in your system. The first thing is to get in balance with nutrition. You’ll start feeling better within weeks.

The next is to get moving. 

You’ll have to start strolling and get up every hour to move. Your body can’t move your blood unless you’re active. When you feel tired, it’s hard, but you can build up stamina. This will help you see improvement in 10 weeks or less. You’re stuck in diagnosis and not in a healing mindset. Moving will get you into a healing perspective.

Luckily, your vagina is not a gland; it’s a muscle. It doesn’t rely on a gland to make it lubricate. The lubrication comes from your blood plasma going to your pelvic bowl. The fluid seeps through your vaginal walls to lubricate your tissue. If you’re not moving regularly, you’re not getting good blood flow.

There are many simple things you can do to support pelvic blood flow. You want to get blood back to your genitals, which are atrophying from age and lack of use.

In addition to seriously increasing your intake of leafy green veggies and beets, take a Nitric Oxide booster to help with blood flow. 

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If your vagina is small, the miss is best. If your vagina is bigger, like mine, the lady is best. 

Ensure you get the privacy you need to use the VFit Gold and one of these vibrators consistently. Use the VFit first and then the vibe. This is health remediation, but it’s a pleasurable one.

Get your husband to give you Yoni Massages 3 times a week at night before bed. Don’t feel like this is foreplay. Consider this medical remediation. Over time, as he gets better at it and you begin to feel better vaginally, you’ll probably want him to try a little penetration. Don’t rush this. If you do it too soon, you may hurt yourself. Better to wait until your vagina is frequently dripping wet from the above practices.

I’ve done MANY videos on vulva massage. Watch them with your husband.

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Consider increasing your estrogen. Consider adding an estrogen cream to your vagina in addition to the patch for general estrogen replacement. Consider adding a testosterone cream to your labia and clitoris for improved sexual response. Your functional medicine doctor can prescribe these.

Use sweet almond or jojoba oil for the Yoni massages and the self-pleasuring with the vibrator, and massage your vulva with oil inside and out every day. Keep it moistened.

Start reading erotica. The mental pleasure will improve your physical desire and pleasure.

Let me know your questions and how this protocol goes.

The functional medicine doctor will be critical to you reducing or removing the inflammation that is aging you and making you sick.

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