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A Urologist Explains Stronger Erections

There is nobody I trust more when it comes to penile and erection health therapy than Dr. Judson Brandeis. 

He is a board-certified urologist and GAINSWave director of clinical excellence. He does penis surgeries, including various prostate procedures, penile implants, and Peyronie’s repair. 

Dr. Judd has been voted top Urologist in the SF Bay Area for six years. As former Chief of Urology for the John Muir Hospital, Dr. Brandeis knows firsthand how the medical system is not oriented toward prevention. That is one of the reasons he turned his focus to regenerative treatments and preventative supplements for men’s most common issues: low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and prostate problems.

Today’s video is all about the male penis and erection performance. If you’re a guy, this video interview is a MUST-WATCH. 

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ A Urologist Explains Stronger Erections 


As you watch the video interview, you’ll also discover: 

  • How erections work 
  • A critical neurotransmitter that helps kickstart men’s erections 
  • Most common reasons and causes for erectile dysfunction 
  • How endothelial rigidity and smooth muscle tissues are related to solid erections 
  • How blood pressure medication can affect erection performance 
  • How stress and anxiety can help strengthen (or weaken) erections 
  • Top reasons that bring men to Dr. Judson Brandeis’ clinic to seek out help with their penis and erection performance 
  • Premature ejaculation from a urologist’s perspective 
  • How to help stimulate the buried shaft of the penis for better erections 
  • How GAINSWave works to help improve sensation and erectile rigidity 
  • How to prevent and fight the decline of Nitric Oxide in your body to achieve healthy blood flow 
  • Who benefits the most (and least) from GAINSWAve shockwave therapy 

If getting stronger erections is essential for you, you’ll want to check this out tonight. 

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ A Urologist Explains Stronger Erections 

Dr. Judd has written a NEW book that may change how men in midlife and beyond can recover, rebuild, and maintain their physical, mental, emotional, and sexual health. 

The book is called “The 21st Century Man.” It has contributions and advice from over 50 top doctors and Men’s Health Experts. 

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