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Check Out These DDD Boobies

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Many women are shy (some even are ashamed) of their breasts.

Men need to understand how sensitive women are with their breasts.

And when it’s time to get intimate, you should love a woman in the most tender, loving, and respectful way.

Many women feel their breasts are never just “right.” Especially if we’re wondering whether or not our partners like them the way they are.

Just like one of my readers who emailed me about her breast-size dilemma.

Check out her email and my response below.

Lovers Should Pleasure Breasts Like THIS ⇐ This Is How You Should Do It


They are large and saggy. They are torpedoed-shaped, and the nipples point to the floor. 

Considering their size, I don’t expect them to be hugely perky, but the nipples just seem like they should be higher and not just pointing down.

Any suggestions on improving their shape? I have always been very self-conscious about this. Thank you.” — Olive.


Hi Olive, I feel your breasts are beautiful, and you likely have a limiting belief about their beauty based on a standard of women with smaller breasts.

Also, all the fake boobs with the nipples sticking straight out are not natural. Many men prefer big, natural breasts. So there are guys out there for you!

Have you ever had a lover who worshiped your breasts? That could be why you think there’s something wrong with them. My man loves to play, caress, and adore them.

You are lucky because most women are stuck with tiny boobs, even deflated bags. You have lots of excellent, sensitive breast material. Have you ever had a breast or a nipplegasm?

Have you had your breasts licked and sucked?

What can you do to fall in love with yourself exactly the way you are? Your lovers can also fall in love with your body as it is generously blessed.

A breast massage will perk them up because much of the tissue is erectile. Maybe giving yourself breast massages, looking in the mirror, and appreciating their beauty will help you feel better?

Don’t worry because your breasts are gorgeous. And some guys are gaga over big boobs. They love them.

Get yourself online with a few pics that show those luscious globes.

After that, you need a man willing to worship and play with your breasts to help you overcome your past.

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I know you and your lover will enjoy this Breast Massage Game Plan. Now, do you want to know one of my all-time favorite oral sex positions?

It’s called the Sweet Spot Oral Technique.” It incorporates pillows for maximum pleasure for the woman.

It also puts the man in a position to give her oral for a long time.

I’ll tell you all about it in tomorrow’s email.

For now…

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Want more sex positions to add variety in the bedroom? How about some sensual massage strokes? Maybe you’d like to learn more oral lovemaking techniques too.

I’ve got you covered.

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Check This Out ASAP ⇐ The Perfect Breast Massage Master Plan (You’ll Thank Me Later)

big boobies

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