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Expand Your Love Vocabulary (Intimacy Checklist 6 of 7)

Last week, as part of our seven-step intimacy checklist, we talked about expanding our love vocabulary with non-verbal communication. 

However, some people don’t believe they can expand their love vocabulary.  They feel their partner cannot use new, creative ways to show their love, passion, and warmth. 

If we are with only one person for a very long time, we only have a sample size of one. 

So our library of experiences stays narrow, prone to making assumptions rather than revisiting them. 

Ask yourself this question:

What if everyone was someone new every time we were with them? We are unique each time because we change and grow… so wouldn’t it be logical to think about our partner as a new lover each time we come together?

Think of movies like “The Notebook” or even “50 First Dates.” 

The couples had to communicate their stories, experiences, and sensuality repeatedly. 

How would this change your communication strategies? Imagine it’s the first time you and your lover have been together. What if you treat them like a completely different person? See your lover with fresh eyes. Bring back the newness with a simple tweak in perspective. Instead of being lazy and falling into a rut, can you bring excitement to your intimacy?

What would you do to communicate your sensuality to a brand new lover? 

Here are two of my suggestions. 

  1. Discover new techniques through heart-connected intimacy videos to improve your lovemaking. 
  2. Use your powers of observation, fantasy, and imagination to continue growing and expanding your sensual vocabulary. 

You and your partner are much deeper, more complex, and more interesting than you think you are. Revisit your attitudes and mindset. Add zing, zest, and sizzle to make your physical pleasure more steamy. And speaking of steamy…

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