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NEW Relationship Agreement For Couples

Singles looking to start an excellent relationship… 

And couples wanting to make your current relationship bloom even more… 

Here’s a creative way you can take all the friction and risk out of your relationship, marriage, or dating experience. 

How? By putting it into writing.

This may sound far-out for some people, but if you’re a person who likes to do quirky “couples” exercises, this one’s right up your alley. 

One of my readers, Dr. David Murphy of Sydney, Australia, introduced this fantastic idea.

For many, this common law Relationship Agreement is a beneficial, renewable, and flexible way to achieve the most out of your relationship, marriage, or dating life. 

The Relationship Agreement provides a blueprint you can follow.

The Relationship Agreement, or RA, is a renewable set of rules, goals, expectations, and boundaries you set for each other.

Think of it as a “contract” for a project.

Every year you “renew” your RA together. Your review, update or change any of the details you agreed to uphold. You can take out the details you want. You can add more. 

However, you both have to agree on them.

These details can include schedules and frequency of date nights, modes of communication, vacation plans… whatever is essential for the two of you. 

Since finances can cause disagreements in relationships, you can also choose to include the running costs of your relationship in your RA. You can both decide if it should be split 50/50 or however you want. 

What else can you include in your RA? Well, according to Dr. David Murphy, anything under the sun. Anything and everything that you want to measure. 

If you have specific goals in your relationship, include them, like having your first child, getting in shape together, or traveling outside the country. 

If you have specific requests, such as wanting your partner to show more affection, initiative, and leadership, or more patience and less nagging, by all means, include them. 

I’m always a believer in the saying, “What is measured gets managed. What gets managed gets done.”

The Relationship Agreement is for those not afraid to set up mutually agreed-upon rules and boundaries and have them in writing. 

It’s a NEW, quirky, and fun way to work on your relationship. 

I love coming up with and discovering new and fascinating ways to help people achieve the relationship and intimacy they desire. 

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