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Improv Sex (Try it!)

Improvisational sex means listening to your body’s wisdom and your appetite in the moment. The more you can get away from doing the same old well-worn routine, the more fun you can co-create during lovemaking.

Because women run on a 28-day cycle, even after menopause, sometimes they are lioness who wants to ravage their lover… and sometimes they are a kitty cat who needs to be stroked while she purrs.

Do you have a repertoire of menu items you can offer? Starting small and scaling sexual offers gives your partner the ability to select pleasure that’s right-sized for their desire at the moment. (Scroll down for done-for-you ideas.)


Do you want a face, neck, and head massage? Or a foot rub?

Would you like to start with a Yoni or Lingam massage using the Steamy Sex Ed® techniques and see where that takes us?

I was thinking of setting up a nest out in the sun on the patio for us. Does that sound fun?

Can I hold you in a Soulmate Embrace and you can tell me about your day?

That new

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Susan was raving about came in the mail today. Are you up for testing it out with your newfound cowgirl position techniques?

Would you like me to put on the music and we can dance around the room together?

Contact improv is a kind of dancing where you play off of one another. Improvisational sex follows those same fundamentals of kinesthetically responding to each other while exploring your emotions more fully. Improvisational sex requires presence with your partner. Rather than closing your eyes and escaping into sensation, improvisational sex is mutually exploratory in real-time. 

The best thing about improv sex is that you have no idea where you’ll end up, which makes the experience more exciting. Desire is increased with novelty and variety — two things improv sex offers in great supply. 

The next time you have a date with yourself or your lover, feel into what your body would like and give voice to your true desire.

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