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What Is Hormonal Imbalance? A Guide to Hormone Testing

Hair loss. Low libido. Brain fog. Wrinkly skin. Man boobs. Belly fat. Low energy. Painful periods. PCOS. Tender breasts. Moodiness. Acne. Night sweats. Heart palpitations. Erectile Dysfunction. Irritability. Depression. Constipation. Osteoporosis. Low Red Blood Cell Production. Difficulty reaching peak pleasure…

This is a shortlist of issues from hormonal imbalance, and it’s not just a mid-life issue anymore.

It’s common knowledge that women are hormonally cyclical. But men also have a diurnal testosterone cycle that restarts every 24 hours.

Your hormone levels have EVERYTHING to do with how you feel every day. That’s why you need to know about this new hormone test called the 4-point dried urine test or the DUTCH TEST.

I have a guest article for you today about a hormone measurement I trust. The hormone blood test — the standard of care in most western medical practices —  doesn’t paint the complete picture. A blood test is a single point of information instead of a view of your entire hormonal daily cycle.

If you want to optimize your hormones, this guest article from Hormone Expert Maria Claps is for you.

Does your doctor know about the Dutch Test? Today you have to be your medical advocate and insist on the best.


Estrogen and Testosterone


Estrogen dominance is one of the most common and damaging hormone imbalances for both men and women.

And if your testosterone levels are off, your libido will be directly affected. (Guys concerned with physical function and performance need the whole picture.)

Standard blood and saliva tests miss crucial details on what’s going on with your hormones.

It’s essential to learn how your hormones behave in your body. Most tests don’t tell you that.


Find out if your doctor knows the answer to these crucial questions:

• What is my body doing with supplemental estrogen?

• What can I do to reduce “androgenic” testosterone if I have unwanted side effects?

• Will a saliva test tell me if low testosterone is the cause of ED?

• Am I producing protective estrogen (2-OH) or the “bad” stuff (4-OH and 16-OH) that potentially causes cancer?

• How well am I methylating estrogen?

• Am I producing the kind of testosterone that causes hair loss? (Egads!)

• And what of my cortisol levels?

Before you spend another penny on hormone testing, read about the Dutch Test. It only costs a little more than standard tests and gives you ALL the information you need to balance your hormones.

You could spend HOURS even DAYS scouring the Internet for this information. Or you could save all that time and let me do the sleuthing for you. It’s what I do.

In this video, I show you what the tests look like and how they work.

I have many videos on my BetterLover website about hormone replacement. Just use the search tool to find them all.

Here’s that article on the DUTCH or 4-point dried urine test:

NEW! BEST TEST FOR HORMONE HEALTH ⇐ Bookmark this excellent article by guest writer Maria Claps.

(Maria is a hormone expert, and she is available for online appointments.)

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