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Romance Trick #8: “Intimate Adoration”

Welcome to Part 8 of my Romance Challenge Series. 

Each week I’m dropping one of my road-tested Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic to add a dash of zing to your love life. If you’re solo, practice this tip on friends with little adjustments so it’s less intimate but still loving. Your friends want to be actively loved by you too. 

Romance Trick #8: Intimate Adoration 

This trick will help you and your partner cultivate your sensitivity to each other’s beauty by noticing what you feel, smell, taste and see. Part of Sensate Connection, one of the five pillars of passion, using your senses heightens intimate pleasure.

Bring your lover’s attention to the beauty you are appreciating. 

The ocean waves sound so majestic today.

The view out of your office window is so beautiful. 

Dinner smells heavenly, doesn’t it? It’s making my mouth water.

Verbal appreciation is a form of practicing gratitude. Being grateful for the beauty you see in everyday life helps you connect your partner to beauty during the day. 

Make them feel like a classic goddess, or a heroic warrior. However it applies to their personal identity. 

Your classic beauty has been a delight for my eyes for thirty years and counting. You get more beautiful with age, my goddess.

Your thighs look so strong, handsome. I can hardly keep from grabbing your butt every time you walk by.

Even if your sweetie feels tired and out of sorts, reminding them of their natural beauty and how much you appreciate them will enhance their happiness. 

Intimate Adoration works best when someone us feeling lost or drowning in what they’re doing at the moment. Work. Responsibilities. Stress. Try to get them out of their head, out of their “tasks to do” mindset. 

Get them to remember their physical body by describing the sensations you are experiencing. You will help them put their own attention on their sensual side, especially if you touch them as you do the verbal part.

Intimate Adoration is an excellent way to instill romantic feelings into your collective awareness. 

Use your senses. Call what you’re experiencing out to them. 

Look at that magnificent sunset. 

Your skin feels like sueded silk to me. 

Surrounding your beloved with 360° positive recognition for the joy they bring you will go a long way toward getting them excited to be with you.

Don’t know what to say? Try this:

Make a mental or physical list of three things you really love about the intimate connection you feel with your sweetie or friend. 

1. Be VERY specific, with as much detail as possible, focusing on what is real for you, what is physical, what is corporeal, how your body and their body feel. 

2. What is one special moment from the last time you were romantic that you are mentally savoring?

3. Come up with one example of how your body felt when you two had your last romantic interlude.

4. Think of your very favorite attribute of their body — what is your favorite spot today?

Now you have plenty of ideas to share with them about what it is that you loved best last time you felt very close to them. 

We all need to feel appreciated and loved. Regardless if you’re a man, woman, or anywhere along the spectrum. We all have that desire to be cherished by our loved ones. 

Now you can use these observations in different ways so they see, hear and feel your appreciation. They may discount or not believe what you say. You must persevere.

Try texting them.

Whisper these delicious sentiments in their ear as you hold them in full embrace.

Leave them a voice mail.

Write them a love note and tuck it in their purse or under their pillow.

Touch your favorite part of their body as you show them why you love it.

Texting, whispering, voice mail, love notes and touching are different ways of communicating sensually with your partner. 

These little things have been proven time and time again to spark romance in all kinds of relationships. 

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