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Romance Trick #7: New Food, New Places, And New “Looks”

Welcome to Part 7 of my Romance Challenge Series. Read on for love and romance tips.

Each week I’m dropping one of my road-tested Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic to add a dash of zing to your love life. If you’re solo, practice this tip on friends. They love to be loved by you too. 

Here’s Romance Trick #7: New Food, New Places, And New Looks  

One of the best things that get people connected is food. 

No question about it. 

When people sit down in front of some delicious food, barriers start crumbling. Bridges are rebuilt. Relationships begin to heal and reform. 

And what better way than to go out and explore new, delicious food spots. 

Go out to a new restaurant together. Research online to find a new place in town that gets excellent reviews. Make a reservation, specifically request a romantic table, and take the scenic route there. 

Guys, don’t ever stop getting her door, her coat, her chair for her. 

She will love you for it.

And ladies, allow your partners to do this for you. It makes them feel more valued and loved if they’re able to be “the man” for you. 

Another excellent way to raise the romance in your relationship is to go out and see new places and try out new activities. 

What interests you? Real-Estate? Look at open houses.

Wine? Go wine tasting.

Stand-up paddleboards? Take a lesson.

Dutch-Belted Lakenvelder Cattle?

Antique Hunting?

Horseback Riding?

Four-Wheel Driving?

Think about three things you might enjoy doing together and run your partner a menu offering them those three fun outings and let them choose. 

Then take them there and romance them the whole time.

Now, here are my last love and romance tips for today. 

New looks. Specifically, new sexy looks with new clothes (especially new underwear and lingerie). Then, model in front of each other. 

This is so fun because it’s just between the two of you. There are all those feelings of being young and free and having fun doing the craziest things to get each other to laugh. 

You can try these with new clothes if you’re hesitant. Then when you want to take it further, do it in your underwear or sexy, classy lingerie. 

Try these suggestions out. Notice how warm and open you’ll be for each other afterward—all in good, romantic fun. 

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