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Sweetheart Sex Story and Vibrator Mash-Up

“OMG! OMG! OMG! The BEST orgasm session I’ve ever had in my life.”

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“Hi, Susan 

I had sex for the first time with a high school crush from almost 40 years back.  It turns out we were both attracted to each other.  I’m upset that I dropped the ball all those years ago, but the details I have learned from you over time helped me rock her world.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I told her about the black cock ring vibrator that you recommended in one of your videos.  She wants me to order one.  Please send a link.  Also would like a link to the g spot toys you recommended too.  Thanks in advance. 


Paul (Name changed to protect privacy.)

PS. I’m very busy and work lots of hours.  I never take time to reach out to someone that helped me so much as a lover, but I was thanked by her for little things I did differently than previous lovers and it’s your videos that made the difference. God Bless You!”


Dear Paul,

Thank you so much for your kind note. I am so pleased that you’ve reunited with your high school crush. It’s fascinating that those early imprints remain so strong throughout lives. Our high school sexuality really is a uniquely impressionable time that continues to inform our sexual desires throughout our lifetime. 

The vibrating cock ring that can also be used as a low-profile hand held vibrator directly on the clitoris during intercourse and for solo pleasure is called the NŌS. 

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I am about to update my G-Spot Toy Guide. I still highly recommend all of the products there. And that guide comes with an explicit video to show you HOW to use these toys without hurting your partner’s delicate internal tissues.

G-Spot Toy Guide PLUS How To Video ⇐ Get It Here

However over the last few weeks we’ve been experimenting with two new G-Spot pleasure toys that are next generation technology. 

I just had the best orgasms of my life the other day. Tim first used the new Kurve on me, then I tried the Womanizer Duo. They were both absolutely outstanding and I think I came better than I’d ever come before in my LIFE. Seriously. INCREDIBLE orgasms.

The Womanizer Duo is a combination clitoral air stimulator with a G-spot vibrator. 


This sent me to the moon. It sucks my clitoris right into the air simulator while perfectly stimulating my G-Spot with vibration. This is a blended clitoral/G-Spot orgasm. 

BUT, there is a caveat. I’m a tall woman. The distance from the center of the tip of my clitoris to the center of my vaginal opening (introitus) is 2”. That fits the Womanizer Duo perfectly. It needs to latch onto her clitoris, and then reach down and wrap into the vaginal opening and curve up to stimulate the G-Spot.

My girlfriend tried the Womanizer Duo and she’s shorter than I am. She and her partner couldn’t get the Womanizer air suction cup to latch on while getting the G-Spot vibrator in the right place. It was too big for her.

Measure your girlfriend from the tip of her clitoral glans to the middle of the opening of her vagina. If it’s 1 3/4”, the Duo isn’t going to latch on well. If she’s around 2” long between those two points, immediately get the Womanizer Duo for her and blow her mind!

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Now, if you have a smaller vaginal distance, you can still get the same extraordinary blended orgasmic lift off by combining the traditional Womanizer with the new Kurve from Hot Octopuss.

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Womanizer has a new Premium Eco unit. This is made with sustainable, non-toxic materials. I am super choosy about the brands I recommend. And I’m pleased to say that the Womanizer is both a breakthrough clitoral pleasure device that uses air stimulation instead of vibration. Every woman I talk to who uses a Womanizer swears by it.


She can hold the Womanizer while you work her G-Spot with the Kurve. Or you can use both devices on her while she writhes and moans under your loving ministrations.

Hot Octopuss, the toy brand that offers the Pulse Duo and the DiGiT, two of my favorite products, has come out with a new G-Spot vibrator called Kurve.

Kurve has two motors, a bass and a treble, as well as a soft tip for G-Spot pleasuring. The symphonic rumble and buzz are exquisite and the squishy tip feels luxurious. 


If you go with the two devices, she can use the Womanizer and the Kurve together or separately. If you go with the Duo you can only use them simultaneously… though if she’s sized for the Duo, it’s an absolute rocket blast of blended, simultaneous orgasmic activation in one device.


Either way, you can’t go wrong. I’d get both the NŌS and the Duo or the NŌS and the Kurve + Womanizer Eco. That way she has G-Spot joy and two kinds of clitoral stimulation, the air and the vibration.

All of these toys will expand her orgasmic potential. She will come in more ways, with better orgasms, which will make her much more likely to want more sex, more often. She will become more sexually confident and sexually self-expressed. These are all valuable effects of passionate lovemaking.

Sex technology is exponentially improving from these companies. The materials, the motors, the experience are all blowing up like a supernova.

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Let me know what you decide to do and how it goes. Have fun!

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