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Peaking Technique

Happy Day! Hope you’re doing great. I have a little story and a free technique for you. Learn about the different kinds of pleasure.

Rob and Sally are enjoying learning about the different kinds of pleasure peaking: multiple, extended, and expanded. She loves Rob’s sustained pleasurable attention, and—because Rob is taking more time to allow her to develop turn-on—is noticing how much more aroused she is during lovemaking. He is getting pretty good at finding her “favorite spot” (covered in detail in the 21-Day Program) and staying on it longer.

He could tell how much she was loving it! Yet now they had gotten to a sort of plateau: Sally would climb, climb, climb (way higher than she used to because Rob could stay on her favorite spot more)… but then, just as things were getting pleasurable, she would start losing her concentration. 

Her mind would wander and sometimes even start to feel numb! Rob (being a lovingly attentive man) noticed this. He thought “I guess I’d better intensify what I’m doing” and he’d stroke faster or harder, trying to make up for what was happening with Sally. Sally found this irritating (not what she wanted) but she knew Rob was trying—and anyway, she too thought, “Yeah, maybe I need more intensity right now.” 

The predictable result was that Sally started to drift, then spiral, downward. Sometimes, just to please both herself and Rob, Sally would “squeeze out” a small orgasm (what we call a “go over a low edge”).

Sally correctly guessed that she needed more intensity, but of a different kind. Now that Rob knew how to “find her” and take her up, up, and up, she was allowing herself to surrender to him much more than she used to. In those new states of high arousal, she needed him to be in more control of the “Peak Pleasure” energy as it developed. How could Rob do that?

Rob and Sally discovered the little-known, but very powerful, secret to expanding and prolonging Peak Pleasure that allowed Rob to take Sally’s energy way, way out there, while she surrendered more and more to her growing world of pleasure. 

Now I’d like to reveal that secret to you.

Have you ever had the experience of your partner’s pleasure and sensation climbing… climbing… climbing (I’m getting breathless just telling you this!)… and then… pfffft? The energy plateaus, drops, and maybe even evaporates? Then when you try to “get it back” all you get is two frustrated partners? 

If this has happened to you (I’m being playful—this has happened lots of times to everybody, including pleasure masters), you’ll be happy to learn about Peaking—the art of giving little intentional breaks or pauses, of sensation during a sensual date. The art of peaking is easy to learn, yet robust enough to yield new benefits for a lifetime. 

Let’s say that during manual genital play, you give your partner a steady stream of genital sensation. You’ve found her favorite spot, you’re locked on to it, and you’re delivering just the perfect pressure, speed, and stroke. She is climbing with energy and enthusiasm. In short, she’s grooving to what you’re doing and where you’re taking her! And so are you!

So what happens if you don’t give her any pauses, or intentional breaks? If you’re just touching, massaging, and soothing away, caught up in your pleasure of taking her higher and higher? At some point, she (as receiver of the energy) will plateau, and—if you don’t catch what’s happening—you’ll start to lose her. Technically, she’ll find a way to end the flow of sensation, because it’ll get to be just too much.

Think of her “pleasure energy container” as a cup. You are filling her cup, and she loves that. You love that she loves it. So you keep filling her cup. Usually, once the pleasure-climb starts, it accelerates. Pretty soon her cup is full, but you’re so enthusiastic that you just keep filling away. Now she’s overflowing; her cup can’t hold anymore. Biologically and energetically, she has to find some way to slow down the filling. 

Here are some ways she might do this: 

She can finish and go “over the edge” (and that edge might be a “low edge,” which could frustrate her, if what she wants is way more (longer, higher, more intense) of a Peak Pleasure experience.

Have her find a way to create a diversion, such as wriggling her body, coughing, or asking you to slow down 

She can simply turn down her turn-on so that she feels less. If you’re lucky, this will result in her being able to continue to receive your input. If you’re not so lucky, she might just become numb. Uh-Oh! In my mentor, Dr. Patty’s book about Peak Pleasure, we’d rather not have our partner trying to turn down her energy.

We’d rather manage the energy as the giver so that she constantly climbs higher in a measured fashion. Think of yourself as helping her build a stable foundation so she can soar high.

Now, why would anyone try to end or lower the flow of pleasure? Simply put, our bodies can’t handle too much, too soon, of anything, without a break. We need pauses to assimilate and distribute or (spread out) the pleasure. It’s no different from climbing a set of steps. We pause now and then to catch our breath and gather our energy to climb higher.

That’s how peaking works. The intentional pause is so important because it allows the receiver to not only “catch her breath”… it gives her a chance to add some of her turn-ons! If done correctly, you’ll feel her “using” the break to feel even more pleasure and you’ll feel her body reaching for that next pleasurable stretch. 

If you’d like to know more about this Peaking technique, get Dr. Patti’s three free pleasure reports.

kinds of pleasure

I need a LOT of peaking. Before Tim and I learned this technique from Dr. Patti, I had good intimate and sensual experiences. However, now that Tim “peaks” me, my orgasms climb to incredible heights of bliss. This simple technique could result in making your intimate experiences ten, even a hundred times better like it did for me.

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