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Intimacy Technique: “The Toggle”

I awoke this morning thinking about “The Toggles.”

Toggling back and forth is a key tenet of ever-increasing hot intimacy. Let me explain how this magic technique works to drive incredible arousal and turn-on.

Switching between two poles with a rest in between is the best way to drive more pleasure overall.

Here are examples of toggling:

1) Take a body into peak pleasure and give it a rest before you take it higher. Known in our parlance as Peaking and Intentional Downstrokes.

2) Give your partner equal verbal moments of adoration and then tell them how much you desire them physically and emotionally.

3) Catch and Release

4) Desire = Security + Novelty

Toggling The Body

We have a sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. When we drive the sympathetic system too hard, we burn it out. Too much sensual stimulation makes us overly sensitive and we don’t want more peak pleasure. 

Instead, techniques like what my mentor, Dr. Patti teaches leverage downstrokes (instead of constant upstrokes). This allows the body to stack more intense and longer moments of peak pleasure together, and ultimately to learn how to stay in the peak pleasure moment and stretch it out like time is pulled taffy.

When you can ride pleasure waves higher, you begin to tickle the outer edges of human sensual potential. You can get the explainer here.


Adoration and Desire

People feel most wanted when you appreciate the sweet things they do and tell them how sexy you find them. I love how great your butt looks in those jeans. And then later, your turkey meatloaf is one of my favorite things you cook. That’s another form of toggling. This works as well when you’re dating someone new as it does when you’ve been together for years. The most important thing is to remember to speak your gratitude.

Catch and Release

When your partner walks by, give them a quick hug or squeeze and let them go. Or walk up and kiss their cheek or lips, and then walk away. This leaves them wanting more.

Toggles leave the body straining for more, which heightens desire and sensation.

Desire = Security + Novelty

If your intimate life is boring, chances are it’s secure but there’s no variety. If intimacy feels edgy, it’s likely there is not enough time spent on feeling safe. Building desire takes bringing in fun new ideas to the platform of safety.

This week we have several excellent articles I don’t want you to miss. Therefore I put the link to the Peaking report at the bottom of this email too. That way you can peruse the articles and then get Dr. Patti’s ebook when you’re done.

Just trying this technique will be enough to improve your peak pleasure by 20% if not double how well you come. Now get on down there and see what other yummy tips we’ve cooked up for you. 

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It’s all about how lovers can escalate their intimate and sensual experiences. 

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