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Tip Top Tips A Poppin’ (Part 3 of 3)

Spring has SPRUNG here in California. My wisteria blossoms are poppin’! (see pics below) 

Which brings me to the question: What’s most important when you’re starting fresh as new lovers? And what can long-term partners do to keep sex exciting? 

Here’s the final part of the series that I started two weeks ago. If you want to go back and read them, here they are: 

Top tips for keeping things spicy (Part 1 of 3)

Flirting Tips (Part 2 of 3)

Remember, there’s no “right” way to have the best intimate relationship — we all have different desires every day. Honoring what you crave at the moment is one way to keep sex fresh. My free Sexual Soulmate Pact technique helps you confidently ask for what you need at the moment without feeling awkward. 

Variety makes sex exciting. Tune in to each other’s mood. Instead of having a prescribed set of activities you always do, see where your lovemaking date takes you. 

Here are a few more things you can try to keep your bedroom play exciting and fresh. 

Have Her Model Sexy Lingerie For You (Or Vice Versa) 

Even in many small towns, there are lingerie stores. The best in the world I’ve found so far — I make it my duty to explore every new city — is Agent Provocateur. (Pronounced: pro-vah-cah-tour

The store in SOHO in New York City is lit like a pink boudoir inside. The lingerie is gorgeous, classic, sophisticated, and sexy. The lighting is low and warm, and there’s a comfy leopard print chair in a private dressing room area in the back. You get to sit on the leopard “throne” and have bubbly water while your gal gives you a modeling parade of lingerie outfits. 

The prices at Agent Provocateur are astronomical. If you’re on a budget, try Wicked Temptations’ wonderfully-priced lingerie or Amazon, which is where I get most of the sexy costumes I wear on my videos. Don’t miss adorable costumes like “Pleasure Officer” or “Pirate Lass.” Role play is one of the most fun ideas for spicing up your love play.

Here is a video called “The Twist Pic Technique” that I did with my girlfriend Christie. She hated being in photos. So I taught her how to pose, so the pictures came out in a way she liked. Do this to take cute pics of yourself or your woman in lingerie. I promise it works!

Nicknames give your partner a sense of belonging. 

As long as they are positive and not denigrating, calling her “My Little Lamb” or “My Precious Package” can draw her toward you in a loving way. 

Having a lot of loving names for each other heightens your romantic connection. Even using “Sweetie,” “Sugar,” and “Darling” is more than satisfactory. 

Perhaps she’ll start calling you “King,” or “His Majesty,” or “My Benevolent Sea Serpent.” The more fun you have with nicknames, the more endearment you engender.

Inside jokes are the king, queen, and joker of deep relationship meaning-making. 

After 30 years with my “Prince Among Men,” we speak in a shorthand loaded-to-bursting with insider jokes. 

The more experiences you share, the more memories you make. 

Inside jokes can be reminders of the depth of your intimate connection. 

What’s more, you can bring kids and family into these inside jokes, so they further buttress to your tower of love.

Mock fighting can be tricky. For some people, a little friction provides a grist for the energy of romance. For others, any kind of mock fighting can increase stress. 

I prefer the aforementioned romance tricks because they are all toward the positive rather than the negative. Unless the two of you genuinely enjoy this kind of banter, it can too easily cause hurt feelings.

What I do recommend is sensual mock wrestling. When you move a woman’s body, you carry her emotions — you create feelings. When you pick her up or move her around, she bonds even more deeply to you, as long as the movement was pleasurable. 

You can pull her onto your lap. Tilt her head back in your hand while you look into her eyes and then kiss her.

You can pick her up and set her on the bed, and remove her shoes for her.

You can hold her in bed for a long embrace and then slowly soothe her with full-body strokes, flipping her over to rub her back.

You can press your bodies together in long, languorous hugs that syncopate your breathing and slow your heart rate while squeezing out tensions.

The more you move her, the more you increase your masculine sexual energy with her. This increase in your masculinity will evoke her femininity, creating the magnetism of opposite attraction we all love so much.

There you have it. That’s 12 tip-top intimate relationship tips in all for you, starting the ones I sent over in the last two weeks. 

That should be more than enough for you and your partner to keep your relationship and sex life fresh, electric, and exciting. 

Hurry and start doing all of them so you can tell me all about it. 

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