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Low T: No Longer Just A “Senior” Thing

More men below 40 are noticing drops in testosterone levels. Read on to learn more about low T levels treatment.

Low T is no longer just a “senior” thing, just like this email from a reader who’s experiencing low T levels, ED, low libido, and sex drive.

Pretty sucky, I know. 

But this is something men (and women who love their men) will want to see. 

Check out his email and my response below.

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“Hi, Susan,

First off, I just wanted to thank you for all of the great content you provide! I love how you make talking about sex and sexual health such a normal and natural thing (which it should be)!

I’m curious. I’ve attempted to balance my testosterone levels naturally for the past several years with little success. I’ve been eating whole foods, exercising regularly, getting sun exposure, doing red light therapy, sleeping 8 hours every night, etc. Yet, my total testosterone levels seem to be in the 300 – 400 range despite all of this. Sometimes I feel wanting more power in the bedroom, and my libido and drive could be higher. I’ve also been doing your pumping program, which has given me some increased size, but I still suffer from weak erections, which I’m attributing to my low T.

I’m only 35, so I’ve been trying to hold off on going down the testosterone-replacement route, but I’m starting to think that might be the best option for me since I feel like I’ve exhausted everything else. 

This brings me to my question. Do you recommend a great hormone optimization physician specializing in men’s hormones and doing online/telemedicine consultations?

Thank you in advance for your response and for everything you do!

Best Regards,

Max (not his real name)”



Hi Max,

If you think that you badly need testosterone replacement, you’ll want to go to your doctor. 

You might also want to try a combination of detoxing and testosterone support supplementation. See if your body can produce more T before taking exogenous testosterone. 

You’ve been doing a great job with the foundation of good health: whole food diet, exercise, sleep hygiene, red light therapy, and using The WHOPPER for penile blood flow and erection support. You may want to try detoxification next. 

Often, your body cannot produce testosterone because your system is not “flowing.” By flowing, I mean you must have a good gut microbiome — no bacterial, yeast, fungus, or parasite overgrowths. And you must be well hydrated, sweat a few times a week, and have regular, comfortable bowel movements. Your urine, skin, breath, and bowels are how your body moves the toxins away. The 21st century has bombarded us with air and water pollution and chemicals in our food and grooming products. 

There are two detox products I like a lot. The first is Wendy Myer’s Daily Detox. Now, Wendy is a detoxing savant. Her custom formulation gives your body the chelators you need to bind to toxins and remove them efficiently. The second is the clinoptilolites from CytoDetox. This gets through the blood-brain barrier to detox throughout your body. CytoDetox is also great for sequestering mold toxins. Mold and mildew toxins are the single most overlooked toxin that affects cognitive function and hormonal balance. You can take these together.


If you are not already taking FLOW, our Nitric Oxide supplement that increases blood flow, please add two capsules a day to your diet. Taking them at night is best if possible. 

Dr. Carrie Jones, ND, Medical Director, Gynecology & Endocrinology Expert, said, “Anything you can do to improve blood and oxygen to your brain will only improve your hormones. The reason for that is that your hormones travel around your circulatory system. As your brain makes hormones, it sends them through the bloodstream to your glands down below. When you’re trying to support the brain, please keep in mind the brain functions on blood and oxygen.” Ref: Endothelial nitric oxide: protector of a healthy mind. (1)

FLOW promotes healthy blood flow to your penis, helping you maintain firm erections. It also supports new tissue growth and vascularization (more veins) from pumping with The WHOPPER. 

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Here is my recommended Testosterone Supplement to help maintain healthy T levels. 

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This formulation has DHEA, the master hormone. Your body makes testosterone from this. It includes Ashwagandha, which is an adaptogenic herb that regulates hormone production. It has Tongkat Ali, the same splendid botanical we use in our libido vitamin-mineral complex DRIVE. And yes, you can combine DESIRE with Tongkat Ali, SupporT, and FLOW, and they will all be mutually supportive and synergistic.

DIM is isolated from cruciferous vegetables. It balances standard estrogen-to-testosterone ratios. And additional Zinc and Magnesium help to free bound-testosterone so your body can utilize it.

Sometimes men have plenty of testosterone. They just cannot convert it from bound to free.

You can work with a functional medicine doctor to help you with detoxing and supplementation. 

Make sure they know how to read the results of a DUTCH test from Precision Analytical. This test is head and shoulders better than the simple “standard of care” blood tests your health plan probably uses.

DUTCH stands for 4-point Dried Urine Test. You pee on strips from morning through night. Then send them in. Your doctor gets data on all your free and bound hormones and hormone metabolites.

If you just get a blood test, it only shows one moment in time. The DUTCH test shows how your body produces and utilizes your hormones throughout the day, the ratio of your estrogen and other hormones to testosterone, and your cortisol levels.

If you still test low on testosterone after trying the detox and supplementation for 3-6 months, there are a few testosterone-replacement options. 

You can use pellets, creams, or injections.

I don’t like pellets because you cannot control the amount. It could be too much or not enough. Don’t go with pellets until you know how much T you need. As they age, they also lose strength. So you start with many T and end up with almost none. And you have to get another pellet inserted by a doctor.

Creams and injections are self-administered, which means you can dose them up or down to find the perfect range that makes you feel great and not over-driven.

Injections are easy. Don’t be scared. You can apply creams on your skin, but I think they are better on the soft tissue of your anal area if you’re ok touching your body there. It is easy to get used to it. Don’t be afraid of your ass. It’s a source of pleasure, and men are awakening to their P-spot.

To summarize, I’d detox, take vitamins, blood flow, and testosterone supplements for 3-6 months. Then I’d get a DUTCH test. And THEN, if you don’t feel like you’re moving the needle on your T, consider testosterone replacement. The worst case is you’ll need less exogenous testosterone after doing a great job supporting your production.

You will feel better either way.

Let me know what you end up doing and how it goes.

Thanks for entrusting me with your health.

And remember, I’m not a doctor. I’m a sexpert. 

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  • It provides more energy, stamina, athletic performance, and sex drive.
  • Promotes optimal muscle growth and peak physical performance
  • Prevents estrogen and fat accumulation in the body
  • Improves mood and confidence for a manlier, stress-free mindset
  • Promotes healthy male sexual vitality and fertility
low t levels treatment

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