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The Sexiest Things Guys Do Without Knowing

This week I did an entertaining interview with my friend and Raw Dating Coach, Patrick James. He calls me his “go-to sexpert.” (Yay!)

He asked me many questions, but the one I wanted to share with you most was, What Are The Sexiest Things Guys Do Without Knowing that are Major Turn-Ons for Women.

Guys are so sexy to us women, but often they don’t even know what they do that turns us on the most. I thought that was an inspired question, and I wanted to share my answers with you.

There are three main categories of sexy guy things we love:

  1. Attention
  2. Security/Masculine Leadership
  3. Grooming

Let’s get specific. I emailed some girlfriends to get their responses.

Of course, their responses fit right into these three categories. 

Dr. Vijay, Ph.D. Molecular Biologist:

1. All things related to hidden time-sinks that I usually have to do:

  • take out the trash, so I don’t have to
  • ordering dinner without asking me what/when/where/how
  • planning a vacation – coming home to a clean house! 🙀
  • hiring the pest control guy if there’s an ant problem 🙄

2. Wearing the right fragrance – SO sexy!

3. Dressing well, carrying oneself with the requisite swagger.

4. Love notes and unplanned ‘thinking of you’ phone calls.

5. Stealing away for a weekday lunch or mid-week date. I call this the ‘midweek rendezvous.’ SO sexy!

6. Sporty, boy’s boy stuff – taking your kid to the batting cages, playing soccer with the guys, being rugged (without me!).

7. Making money! Making me know we can afford some splurges since he had the finances ‘handled.’

8. Being debonair – hard to describe in words (swoon)

9. Rescuing me when I’m overwhelmed- could take on so many varieties. 

10. And most of all… Being strong, being my rock, and him believing there’s nothing more important in the world than ME! ❤️ So sexy to feel genuinely loved.

Christy Wise, Relationship Therapist:

When he acts like my hero or protector (puffs up) when he thinks I’m being disrespected.

Carol Allen, Love Is In The Stars Celebrity Vedic Astrologer:

    Saying, “I got it…”

    “It’s handled.”

    “I’m on it.”

    “Let me do that…”

    “What can I do for you?”

    “How can I help.”

    “I love cats.” 😻🤣 (My personal favorite.)

Helen Hillix, Sacred Sexuality Coach and Licensed Therapist:

Noticing that I need support and offering it without being asked. On whatever level, physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Susan Bratton, “Trusted Intimacy Wellness Expert to Millions”:

Security management: killing bugs, fixing things, getting my door, being my protector.

Clean fingernails, good dental hygiene, manscaping!

Jumping in to help me if I get overwhelmed or confused.

If you’re lucky enough to HAVE a guy, please let him know what he does that you think is sexy. And if you are a guy, now you know what mama likes. 

Thank you to all the good men out there who love their women.

Patrick also asked me:

  • The Top Three Things Women Wish Men Did In Bed
  • How To Touch A Woman to Drive Her WILD!
  • Signs She’s Good In Bed
  • How Big Does A Woman Want A Guy To Be “Down There?”

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Sending my love and appreciation to you today.

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