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8 Romantic Date Games

8 Romantic Date Games

Here are some dating ideas you can use with an intimate friend at home while we’re SIP*.

You can play these “sexy chat games” at home over video chat.

These games are meant to be joyful and exciting. They support your mutual personal growth.

If you’re single, you can play all but the most sensual of these with a friend… (these games run over all the obstacles in the friend zone).

Did You Forget To Have Fun?

My secret reason for creating this list of connected experiences was originally for singles to use on video chats. I’ve been encouraging all my single fans to get on eHarmony and Bumble and use their video chat feature. Practice at one or both of those dating websites while you’re waiting for Facebook to launch their AI-driven dating recommendation engine to find you the best matches 35 years of Internet technology can get you.

Then I realized whether you’re looking for fun on a video chat for dating, or you’re sheltering in place at your home with your partner…

Everybody needs to play some sexy video games!

My goodness, it’s been so stressful with this global pandemic. Now we know we’re laying low as a species for a while…

Instead of being perpetually freaked out, why not play sexy party games like it’s 1999, not 2021!

The Sexy Video Chat Games are below (you can also play them at home together in the same room), along with how to play them. I also show you how to set an exciting frame for a Sexy Video Chat Game date, so you peak your participants’ energy.


Here are the 8 Sexy Video Chat Games:

  1. Top Ten Touch
  2. King’s/Queen’s Choice
  3. Mirror Movement Minute
  4. Lion’s Play
  5. Animalistic Impersonation
  6. Ecstatic Dance
  7. Romantic Reveal
  8. Circling

I’ll describe them here, but please don’t miss below how to set up these games so they are entertaining (and not awkward or weird).

  1. Top Ten Touch

In this game, you agree to share ten ways you enjoy being touched. Your friend will give you some dating ideas you never thought of forgiving and receiving a more pleasurable touch. It can be as simple as explaining how you love to get your face massaged. Show your partner how to do it. Movement is the idea of this game. Describe a way you like to be touched by showing your partner to yourself. Imagine you’re playing charades. Get your body involved in the explanations.

  1. Mirror Movement Minute

Set a timer on your phone for 1 minute. One person follows the other person’s movements by mirroring what they do as closely as possible. Discover which person prefers leading or following. Adjust to make your personal experience as fun as possible. Laugh as much as you can. Be lighthearted and playful. Play over again as many times as you like.

  1. Romantic Reveal

Take your partner on a tour of the most romantic locations in your home. Explain what it is about this room, the location, the memories… that makes this the place you envision a romantic interlude. Switch.

  1. Lion’s Play

In this game, you’re going to pretend you are two lions on the Serengeti separated by a magic glass wall. The sun is warm. The plains are quiet except for some birds twittering in the tree under which you’re reclining. It’s a glorious and relaxing day, and an adorable lion is looking at you. You go up to the glass. Sniff. You bat one paw at the screen. Roar. You meow. You flick your tail seductively. Flirt with your lion or lioness. How can you show your lion(ess) that you’d like to roll around with them in play?

This game can quickly morph into:

  1. Animalistic Impersonation

Now that you’ve explored your feline side, what other animals do you admire for their ability to play, and to feel good?

A dolphin cavorting the waves?  A snake awakening your kundalini energy? A coyote howling at the moon?

Show off your best impersonation of animals showing the joy of being alive.

  1. Ecstatic Dance

Put on some freeform dance music of your liking. Electronic Dance Music, EDM, is good for this game. Both of you dance to it by surrendering yourself to the music. Dance like nobody’s there. Practice surrendering to your pleasure under the gaze of an intimate friend. Dance long enough that you start feeling comfortable and having fun. Remember to enjoy how good your body feels when dancing with other kind beings.

  1. King’s/Queen’s Choice

This is an advanced game best done after a few video chat dates or sexy date game nights at home. This game requires you to be vulnerable. The vulnerability lets you play outside your comfort zone. Vulnerability creates intimacy. Sharing how you feel or about something you want is one way of achieving instant personal growth.

In this game, you take turns brainstorming ideas of things the two of you could do to have fun over video. If this is a date between lovers or potential lovers, you are welcome to make this as sexy as you think the other person would like.

Try and each come up with three, five, or even ten dating ideas by going back and forth. Don’t overthink it. Just get your head in the place of thinking about what you’d like to do with your King or Queen over a video that would excite, enthrall and energize you.

Alternate between sharing something you’d enjoy without any guilt or shame. You don’t need to act on these dating ideas. These are just brainstorms.

In the end, you will each choose up to three things you heard your Queen or King say that sounded like fun to you. What most intrigued you from their list of dating ideas?

Then they will tell you their favorite three dating ideas you thought up.

You never have to act on any of them, or you can set up a date to do one next or a derivative of one of the seeds of an enticing playdate that came out of this King’s/Queen’s Choice Game.

  1. Circling

Our final game is a technique used in personal growth groups in San Francisco. It’s a technique called “Circling.” It was invented by Guy Sengstock, Jerry Candelaria (RIP), and a merry group analysis aficionados band. You share your body sensations with your partner. After you go, they share the body sensations they were having as you spoke and their body sensations now.

Here’s an example:

“Right now, I’m feeling excited to video chat with you because I love every interaction we ever have. They are precious moments for me because I love your mind and body. My whole body is buzzing with the excitement I feel when I’m with you. I feel heady — my head is “floaty” and kind of dreamy. You’re dreamy. 

I have a little lump in my throat telling you this. It’s still hard for me to give verbal compliments from some past programming. 

My chest, right on my breastbone, feels flushed and warmer than usual.

Overall my body is tired because I’m still getting over having coronavirus and being laid flat for so many weeks. There’s profound exhaustion at the base of all my other sensations.

My jaw is a little tight… I’m not loosened up to talk yet. I haven’t been speaking much to anyone lately. I find it tiring. I’ve been more introverted lately.

My breasts feel full.  I want to take my top off for you on this call. You always say I have “legendary boobies.” So I like you to get to see them. I have a sensation of heaviness, of weight in my breasts. They are longing to be picked up and admired.

I’m noticing I’m sucking my stomach in right now. And I have butterflies in my Yoni. The feeling isn’t lusting. It’s lightness.”

That’s an example of how you might describe your body sensation to your King.

Your King might respond:

“I immediately got a thrill hearing you say such nice things about me. I feel buzzy hanging on your every word. What you said was sexy, and I started getting aroused listening to you. I find sensual talk very arousing. My chest expanded, and I could feel my lungs taking deeper breaths to calm myself down a little bit. When you talked about your breasts feeling heavy, my mouth watered.”

That’s what Circling is—expressions of vulnerability that you frame as physical sensations.

Circling brings another dimension of connection so you can achieve a deeper intimate relationship.

As my friend Johnny T., with whom I consulted to brainstorm these Sexy Video Chat Games, says, “Don’t be afraid to drop into a vulnerability or a feeling state.”

Johnny was the one who pointed out that the entire experience should have a beginning, middle, and end. The set up is key to your pleasure.


  • Start slow, create connection, create resonance.
  • Stay in your range, tease a little, flirt, get comfortable in the video format.

(Building to a peak)

  • Listen to your body for clues.
  • Follow the sensation
  • Take a risk and be more vulnerable to increase sensation.
  • Speak your desire and tell your date something about him/her that turns you on.
  • Breathe and embrace silence/stillness when the energy gets high.
  • Let your date, “see you.”

(Backslope) (Have the metaphorical cigarette, laugh) 

  • Be soft, revel in the connection.
  • Exhale, show adoration.
  • Speak gratitude.
  • Bask in the afterglow of the Connection.
  • Say goodbye and set the intent for the next sexy date.

The set up is key to the pleasure you get.

Set Up For Sexy Video Chat Games

Any good date has a peak moment. You want that in the middle of the date. There’s a six-step order to follow to have the most fun:

  1. Create Comfort
  2. Check-In With Each Other
  3. Generate Connection Through Conversation
  4. Share Vulnerabilities To Bring You Closer
  5. Play A Game and Throw Yourself Fully Into It (Peak Moment)
  6. End With Gratitude for Your Partner


Johnny and I came up with at least twenty dating ideas to discuss for a Sexy Video Chat Date.

Set up time with your partner to do one of the games above. Get on Bumble or eHarmony and start talking to people and setting up Meet and Greet Video Chat dates. You can’t get to Sexy Video Chat Dates until you start doing some Meet and Greet Chat Dates.

The way forward is to take the first step.

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