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“Struggling with my hormones and libido.” (Mailbag)

Are you struggling with hormone and libido problems?

Many of my readers are interested in FLOW and the DESIRE Libido Trio. 

These are my two blood flow supplements and libido vitamins.

They wrote to me asking if I would recommend it to them with their current health condition. And, in some cases, some of them wonder if it would help if they’ve been struggling with hormonal and libido problems for years.

The truth is, many folks have hormonal imbalances that go undiscovered until the symptoms get so bad. 

That’s because it used to be complex and confusing to have your hormone levels checked and attended to. There was no single place to go to have everything at once. 

Now, facilities, clinics, and online services are available at your beck and call. 

Check out my reader’s email about her hormone and libido problems, plus my response and suggestions below.

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“Dear Ms. Bratton,

I am 54 years old and have minimal libido. I tried Bioidentical hormones with little success.

My estrogen levels skyrocketed, and my testosterone levels remained extremely low. Didn’t move at all. Another doctor told me it was because of my adrenal glands. I needed to repair those; otherwise, my body would convert the testosterone into estrogen.

I wasn’t told how to repair my adrenals. I was excited to find you and receive your emails.

Do you think your supplements would work for me, or do I still have to address my adrenal glands before using your supplements? Would they make my estrogen levels skyrocket again?

I showed my husband your emails about your new supplements, and he’s excited about them, too. He is on Lexapro, and we are unsure if there’s anything in the libido or blood flow supplements that would interact with it. He also took bio-identical hormones, the pellet kind. His primary purpose for taking them was to help increase his energy levels. It minimally helped with his energy levels but increased his libido dramatically. But it also caused a pimple problem.

He’s looking for an alternative to bio-identical hormones that would not cause these side effects and maybe help with his energy and keep his libido healthy.

Would your supplements be good for him?

Thank you.” -Fiona (not her real name)


Dear Fiona,

Good to hear from you, and I am glad you are fighting to keep your intimate life ageless.

First of all, I am not a doctor. I have a business degree and became an intimacy and wellness expert as my second career due to my struggles with marriage over 20 years ago.

Neither you nor your husband has gotten the results you wanted from bio-identical hormone replacement. This may be due to your provider’s lack of skill or what you expected, not the power of BHRT when done well.

One of the best ways to get started on your journey to better hormones is to understand how hormones work and how to naturally help your body to produce more (or less) of certain hormones to provide a healthy balance.

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Hormone replacement is heart-protective and supports cognitive function and more youthful sexual function.

If your estrogen skyrocketed but your testosterone remained low, your prescription’s ratio was incorrect.

If your husband got pimples, his prescription was wrong as well.

Hormones are individualized and must be tweaked to get them “just right.” It’s not a one-size-fits-all pill you take. You must sometimes increase one thing and decrease another. For example, balancing the Estradiol to Estrone to Estriol ratio for women is essential. Just as making sure a man doesn’t need an aromatase inhibitor or more DHEA when supplementing with testosterone. These are just two examples of the myriad things a skilled hormone practitioner looks at, along with cortisol levels (adrenals) and thyroid.

Happy Couple2

Estrogen helps keep all your intimate parts youthful. Testosterone is the hormone that gives you the drive you need and crave.

If you need more Vitamin D and B-Complex and are not getting a daily dose of Boron, you can throw as much hormone replacement as you want, and your body will still not utilize the hormones. Also, if you have a fatty liver, you will not be able to get the hormonal balance you seek.

So don’t give up. Keep trying. Hormones are so helpful that it’s worth fussing over them to dial them in for your comfort and pleasure.

If you are adrenally exhausted, you must slow down, rest, and recuperate.

First and foremost, you can support your adrenal healing through sleep and nutrition. It is low in sugar, carbs, and caffeine and high in organic veggies, quality fats, and proteins. You also need Vitamin C and D, a B-complex, magnesium, and selenium. Chaga, a mushroom that grows on birch trees, is also helpful for adrenal repair. Mix it in your smoothie, take a tincture, or steep it as tea.

I recommend you take FLOW and our DESIRE Libido Trio multivitamin multi-mineral complex daily.

You can order here and add the other to your cart to save on shipping.

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There are three libido botanicals you cycle through in the 90-day supply of my DESIRE Libido Trio line of supplements. They are made for mid-life couples. You can share them, but it will only be a 45-day supply, so you should get two bottles each. They have a two-year shelf life. The libido vitamins have 100% of the recommended US daily allowance of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, D, and a B-Complex with 5-MTHF, a more easily metabolized form of B9 called methyl folate, in addition to Boron, Magnesium, and Selenium, all of which help with the HPA axis – hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis. The libido vitamins also have iodine, which your thyroid, the master of your sex hormones, requires, and iron to help with red blood cells and oxygenation.

The botanicals in the libido vitamins, Fenugreek, Tongkat Ali, and Tribulus, are adaptogenic herbs that may help support hormone regulation and increase overall libido.

FLOW is a nitric oxide booster with natural Vitamin C from acerola cherries. You only need a good Omega 3 supplement—fish oil or algae-based- and the organic Chaga.

Lexapro is an SSRI not contraindicated for a nitric oxide booster or a daily vitamin. However, it’s always good to talk to your doctor first. SSRIs are for depression. Healthy nutrition and a daily walk make an anti-depressant unnecessary. It’s worth a try to see if you can use sleep, hygiene, exercise, and nutrition as your first line of defense if you think your doctor might have yet to suggest those ideas before giving you a prescription.

Rest, organic, home-cooked healthy food, and plenty of healthy fats such as avocado oil, ghee, nuts, avocados, seeds, and fatty fish will help your body regulate your hormones. But it won’t replace the estrogen postmenopausal or testosterone for you or your man undergoing andropause. So please try again with the BHRT. Take our vitamins and blood flow supplements to keep your heart and brain healthy and support your hormone production with essential nutrients your body cannot make.

Get out and start walking.

Try again with your hormones and keep tweaking them until you feel great. You have another 30-40 years of life. What you do now in your early 50s will set a platform for your health span for years. Cardiovascular disease, stroke, pulmonary diseases, Alzheimer’s, and dementia are directly correlated with nitric oxide production and preventing stiff plaque-filled arteries.

A daily vitamin like ours, a nitric oxide supplement, and a fish oil Omega 3 are the foundation of overall good function down to the cellular level for long, healthy aging.

Let me know how you end up. 

Remember, this is not professional medical advice, and I am not a doctor. Talk to your doctors! 🙂

Up To 33% OFF On FLOW ⇐ 3 Bottles Every 3 Months Option (plus FREE Shipping for US-based orders over $50 or International Orders over $75)

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