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Sexual Regenerative Treatments (VIDEO)

Sexual Regenerative Treatments (VIDEO)

Facial rejuvenation, hair restoration, breast shaping, sexual rejuvenation and more in this sexual biohacker’s video discussion.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you’re one of those people who wants to stay forever young, including in your genitals, you will LOVE this video with my dear friend and sexual regenerative expert, Dr. Robyn Benson.

She and I explain Amplified Regenerative Therapies.

She calls it, “The A.R.T. of turning back the clock on our genital functions… naturally.”

These procedures put your body into repair mode using your own healing factors.


These procedures are being used to help people through facial rejuvenation, hair restoration, breast shaping, sexual rejuvenation, and many more.

We even go into detail on how Dr. Benson and I take full advantage of sexual regenerative treatments using things like the Fasting-Mimicking Diet and other lifestyle changes.

If you’re interested to know more about these sexual regenerative treatments…

Check Out Our Video “Sexual Regenerative Treatments”


I also want to make sure you are taking my new FLOW blood flow supplement and my new Libido Vitamins: Desire, Boost, and Drive.

They are for men and women across the gender spectrum. FLOW gets the blood to your genitals so you feel more pleasure as well as having a firmer, more pleasurable clitoral erection or penis erection.


For the Libido Vitamins, there are three bottles for a 90-day supply. You take two capsules a day of just one of the bottles. This gives you a complete multi-vitamin, multi-mineral complex PLUS a libido botanical. I put a full 300mg dose of one of the botanical in each bottle.

You can take one bottle in the first month, the second in month two and the third in the last month and repeat…

Or you can take whichever one appeals to you that day.

They are mix and match.

The reason I didn’t put them all in one is:

  1. Combining all three is too much of a big dose. Easy as she goes.
  2. This way you can try Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris, and Fenugreek separately and see if there’s a particular one that makes you feel the horniest.



Here’s Dr. Robyn holding up Flow and Desire.


Get you a vitamin that supports your libido!

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