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Empowering Desire: How to Make Him Initiate Sex and More! (VIDEO)

how to make him initiate sex

Well, THIS video already has a bunch of conflicting viewer comments, and I haven’t even sent it out to you yet!

It’s the Susan Bratton show, and today, I’m answering some of my readers’ burning questions about how to get their partner to do something wild and kinky. 

Discover how to get your partner to initiate steamy sex with you and integrate dirty talk and seduction so that it won’t be awkward for your partner. 

In the video, I also answer how you can introduce fantasy roleplaying to your lover, especially if they’re shy and conservative in the bedroom. 

We also talk about libido and hormone-related problems and the natural solutions that can bring back the fountain of intimacy.

Check Out My Video Here ⇐ How To Get Your Partner To Initiate Sex 

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how to make him initiate sex


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