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The “Do Over” Communication Technique

The “Do Over” Communication Technique

You know the saying, when emotion is high, intelligence is low.

If you’ve ever regretted saying something but you just hoped it would blow over. Here’s a new way to communicate that works better than saying sorry.

Today I’m going to teach you one of my favorite conscious communication techniques.

This will help you co-create a Sexual Soulmate relationship with your partner (or future partner.) You can also use this technique at work, with friends and family.

It’s called the “Do-Over” Communication technique.

For a bit of context, a Do-Over is when you “rewind” the hands of time itself to reset a moment that you feel may lead to some tension with someone.

It’s easy to explain on the fly, but it works best when it’s a skill you and your partner or friend both know about in advance.

So when one of you requests a Do-Over, both will participate.

For example…

If your partner triggers you, for whatever reason, just request a do-over.

AVON: Where are the light bulbs?

BRETT: The same place they were when you asked me yesterday.

AVON: Ouch! May I have a do-over, please?

BRETT: Sure. They are in the hall closet. And by the way, you asked me that same question yesterday.

AVON: Thank you.

For best results, both of you should understand that when one requests a do-over, it’s not about covering up something they said…

But it actually means they were aware they said (or did) something that may cause tension, and are conscious enough to admit it, take ownership, and politely request a safe Do-Over in order to set things straight again.

Here I am on the Sonoran Living Show explaining The Do-Over technique to Susan Casper and Terri Odette:

Watch The Video “The Do-Over Technique”

This skill will work in just about any situation, as long as both are willing to observe the rules of the Do-Over.

Talk about this with your partner tonight, and plan on using the Do-Over technique the next time one of you says (or does) something you regret.

It will do wonders for your relationship. Trust me.

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