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Avoid These Libido Killers

libido killers

Many people feel like they do not have enough sex with their lover or no longer have the libido they used to have. 

We often cite age and hormones as to why our sex life starts to diminish at a certain point. 

But are they the ROOT cause?

I’ve spoken with many world-class experts over the years, and what I’ve discovered will change how you think about libido and sex drive. 

In today’s video, I’m joined by Dr. Kayte Susse of Mind Body Spirit. 

You’ll want to watch the interview if you want to know the two hidden libido depressants that most people never consider.

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You’ll discover a lot of new information like:

  • What causes your libido to drop
  • My personal story on how I lost my libido, which strained my marriage, and how my husband and I overcame it together
  • The shocking statistic of cheating partners in our modern society and what’s causing people to cheat so much
  • What men crave sexually vs. what women desire sexually
  • The most prominent complaint women have in their relationships and sex lives
  • How to introduce sexy bedroom adventures to your partner
  • How to seduce your partner the right way

And so much more.

Check Out My BetterLover Video Here ⇐ What’s Killing Your Libido? 

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As well as the many options you have available for getting bio-identical hormones from external sources.

I’ve partnered with some of the best hormone doctors who share detailed information and directions.

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