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Boost Your Sensation, Libido, Pleasure, And Hardness

Boost Your Sensation, Libido, Pleasure, And Hardness


“Make Blood Flow Where You Want It To Go… Your Brain, Your Heart and ALL Your Pieces and Parts.” 

Blood flow is essential to overall health.

Without proper blood flow, your organs will be starving for nutrients and oxygen. Your brain won’t function as well. Your toes and fingers start to go numb. Many women feel a symptom called “heavy legs.”

And when it comes to your sex life, low blood flow means less sensation and engorgement for women —and weaker erections for men.

That’s why I recommend supporting your body’s Nitric Oxide production —specifically with L-citrulline-based supplements as the first defense in keeping your libido strong.

If you can’t get blood flow you can’t feel pleasure from the erectile tissue. Taking a nitric oxide supplement is the first line of defense from sexual aging.


Why L-citrulline specifically?

L-citrulline and L-arginine both work on your body’s cGMP pathways to produce Nitric Oxide.

However, citrulline has been known to be more effective. The typical arginine sources are made in China by fermenting corn in big tanks with specific bacteria that turn the corn sugar into arginine. Then to get citrulline, they use an enzyme to convert the arginine.

The problem isn’t the bacterial and then the enzymatic processes, it’s the pesticides IN the corn that stay in the product right through to it being sold to you.

And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to put pesticides in my body from my nitric oxide supplement.

To recommend the best product to you, I looked at all of the nitric oxide products on the market —the arginine, the citrulline, the beet powder… all of it. And I realize that nobody makes an organic version…

This means you have no protection against pesticides in these products.

We set about to create the world’s FIRST organic Nitric Oxide supplement.

That’s right, I now have my own personal organic Nitric Oxide capsules that I’m releasing first to my loyal readers and customers like you.

It’s called FLOW, and it’s specifically formulated to help you have better and healthier blood flow to your heart, brain, and genitals.

That means better circulation, which means more sexual vitality, more libido, better vaginal and clitoral engorgement for women, and better, stronger, longer-lasting erections for men.

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To create FLOW, I knew I had to take extra steps to find the best sources to make me organic L-citrulline in the U.S.A.

We heard about a family-owned corporation in the U.S. run by a husband and wife just like Tim and me. People who have deep experience creating high-quality ingredients.

People who care about the end product. People who actively manage their government certifications and independent laboratory testing.

A company run by a couple who stand by the quality of their production.

Our supplier sourced organic watermelons and spinach and fermented these REAL FOODS specifically for FLOW formulation.

You get all the benefits of plant-based citrulline.

We then added Vitamin C from organic acerola cherries to increase the absorption of the citrulline. Then we combined the fruits and vegetables with organic pinus pinaster from the maritime pine tree for its circulatory effects. And to increase the sustained release of your Nitric Oxide production, we added N-Acetyl-Cysteine.

I’m so excited for you to try FLOW for yourself and experience better blood flow. It will change your life for the better.

Click Here To Check Out FLOW ⇐ Up To 25% OFF CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DISCOUNT (Only 6 bottles per person, for now)

We ship almost anywhere! In addition to domestically in the US, we ship almost anywhere internationally (except Australia and New Zealand – apologies to our Aussie and Kiwi friends… we’re working on it!)

Click Here To Check Out FLOW ⇐ Up To 25% OFF CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DISCOUNT (Only 6 bottles per person, for now)

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