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Passion Playdates #10: 3 More Intimate Breathing Techniques

Passion Playdates are when you and your partner set aside a specific time for passion play. You plan for (and look forward to) sensual “private” activities where you come together as beginners to learn new things together.

Think of Passion Playdates as fun “couples sexercises” that grow and enrich your intimacy —physical and emotional.

This is hot monogamy at its best and it’s also great for singles who date!

Loverspace is a wonderful phenomenon.

It’s when you and your partner slow time down to create your own private space where you forget about everything and everyone else in the world…

And only focus on being present with each other, making time and giving each other tremendous amounts of heart-connected attention.

Today let’s talk about three ways you can enter into your own Loverspace.

This can be used as a calming or relaxation activity, or whenever you and your partner want to sit in each other’s warm, loving presence.

This playdate is about breathing together, and there are actually 3 ways I recommend you do this to promote the expansion of your intimate connection.

Method #1

Sit facing each other in a comfortable position. Keep your eyes focused on each other. Holds hands if you want. Then simultaneously breathe in and out.

Repeat this breathing pattern and try to synchronize your breathing.

Method #2

This is called Loop Breathing.

It’s when you take turns breathing in and out. And as you’re doing this, do it as if you’re both breathing in (and out) each other’s breath. Have your breath revolve between the two of you. Feel the warmth and closeness of your Loverspace.

Method #3

Relaxed, slow, and focused breathing regardless of whether your partner is breathing synchronized or looping breaths with you.

You only sink in deep into the act of breathing together, eyes closed, holding hands, and feeling each other’s presence.


I advise you to try all three methods. Some couples gravitate toward one of the three. Stay with what’s most enjoyable for both of you.

If you’re single, try this on your next appropriate date. Collect these ideas so when you meet a lovely potential partner, you can create Loverspace and really WOW them.

Relax into your belly as you breathe. Just let it all happen. Have yourselves melt into each other.

This teaches both of you to slow down and focus on your personal Loverspace, as well as make you both appreciate each other’s presence ♥

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