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The Only Menstrual Cup I Recommend

If you’re still wearing pads or tampons, know that they leach moisture out of your vagina and vulva and are mostly made with bleached, toxic materials that overburden our landfills.

The menstrual cup (can be used for light spotting days too) is one of the most important new feminine hygiene products that’s come on the market ever.

You’re going to love THIS menstrual cup. 

In fact, this cup so amazing, it’s called the “Fun Cup.” 

Check out why I now believe every woman should be using these cups. 

Click Here To Watch My YouTube Video ⇐ Fun Factory Fun Cup 


The “Fun Cup” is made from high-quality medical-grade silicone. Completely safe for even the most sensitive lady parts. 

Fun Factory has been upgrading its design of the “Fun Cup” to ensure safety, comfort, and efficiency of use. It now holds 4 to 6 times as much as regular tampons, without the side effects. 

You’ll never look at other menstrual cups the same again after you watch this. 

Click Here To Watch My YouTube Video ⇐ Fun Factory Fun Cup 

Menstrual Cup Capture

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Inside, I talk about the very best G-Spot toys that I wholeheartedly (and orgasmically) recommend and love to use.

Yes, I do use them! 

You’ll also get to know which ones are good for certain sex positions, for couples, for self-pleasure, and for certain unique kinds of pleasures. 

When you get this toy guide, you will also receive a link to an EXPLICIT How-To Video so you know how to use these toys. These toys used incorrectly can hurt a gal, so you gotta know what the heck you are doing.

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Squirting Guide Ebook 510

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