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How To Make Your Penis Bigger

how to make penis bigger ss

You’re not alone if you wonder how to make your penis bigger. A lot of men worry that their penis is the wrong size. Too long and skinny, too short and fat. Too small when flaccid. They want more girth. Not big enough erect. Too big for their partner. Bent the wrong way. And on…

It’s understandable – your penis is an important part of who you are! Having a big dick is something many men desire, but is it even possible? The answer is yes! But you have to know which penis enlargement techniques are effective and which are a total waste of time. As a champion for men’s’ sexual wellness, I’m going to tell you the best techniques so you know how to make your penis bigger, techniques I’ve personally used with amazing success. Read on or watch the video below for all your need to know.

I’m going to cover the three most common ways guys try to enlarge their penises, plus the two scarcely talked about methods I’ve personally used to make my partner’s penis larger, in both length and girth. You’ve probably heard of, or even tried, some of these methods already. A few of them have zero effect on penis growth, but the good news is there are others that really work to make your penis bigger. The even better news is that increasing the length and size of your penis can be fun for you and your partner!

Does size matter?

Penises come in all shapes and sizes and women love them all! According to my fellow sexpert Alex Allman, creator of

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only 5% of women think penis size is a critical factor. Of the 20% of women who have broken up with guys because of penis size, half of them broke up because he was too big.

Still, 75% of men would like to know how to make their penis bigger even if they’re already on the larger side. Pretty much every guy would like an even bigger penis. It’s a guy thing. So if you’re part of this 75% who want a bigger penis, read on to discover the techniques that actually work to grow your penis (if you prefer watching to reading, just check out the video above).

Your Buried Shaft

Let’s start by understanding that what you see is just the tip of your cock’s iceberg. A large part of your penis is actually inside you – I call this your “buried shaft.” Check out the image below to see what I mean.Instant Hard-On Techniques

If you want to know how to make your penis bigger, make sure to incorporate the “buried shaft” into your growth plan. (Maybe you, like a lot of men, want to also know how to stay hard longer. If so get your copy of my free ebook Get Hard Instantly On Command. You’ll get 65 pages of how to stay hard, satisfy your woman, and have the most mind-blowing sex of your life.)

How to Make Your Penis Bigger – The Three Most Common Techniques

Let’s review the three most common techniques of penile growth – not the best, but the most common. Remember that you have to stimulate all of your penis, even the “buried shaft.” Bonus tip: your lover can do an even better job with her hands and mouth.

Jelqing: Use with caution

Jelqing is a series of manual stroking techniques to stimulate your penis. Getting hard and using long strokes can increase the circulation in your penis. Many guys often focus only on the tip of their penis during masturbation, since it’s the most sensitive area. Jelqing ensures that you stroke the entire shaft. I’d recommend adding this into your penis care routine when you can but beware of many men over-stroke causing penile damage. According to Alex’s research, only 1 in 50 guys saw any significant growth from jelqing.

However, long strokes from the base of your shaft prevent penile atrophy. Atrophy is the withering of tissue from lack of use, so if you use it carefully, jelqing can help you continue to have frequent erections throughout your life.

Grow-your-penis enlargement pills: Save your money & go for the mountain ants

Save your money and don’t buy penis enlargement pills. Men in Alex’s survey report that these do not work. It’s true that if your Nitric Oxide is low in your system (it diminishes with age) then supplementing NO will increase blood flow throughout your body, including your penis.

But the average “penis enlargement pills” you see advertised all over porn are not going to make your penis bigger. Instead, I recommend having a morning smoothie packed with superfoods that increase your circulation and support testosterone production. This is because your erectile function depends on blood flow and adequate testosterone. Ingredients like maca root, fenugreek, tribulus terrestris, tongkat ali, cordyceps, ginseng, ginger, and Vitamin D helps increase your blood flow and boost testosterone production.

Making a manhood enhancing smoothie doesn’t have to be complicated. I recommend a smoothie recipe called the Huge Load Super Pack and a premix called the

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The Rock-Hard Formula is a premade mix that contains Polyrachis mountain ants. Weird, right? Actually, ants are full of trace minerals, especially zinc which is needed for the muscle contraction around erectile function. My husband and I both drink a morning smoothie every day to support our circulation and hormone production (women’s orgasms and clitoral erections come from her erectile system, too). We include a scoop of adaptogens and vitamins that support libido. Many men I know also include herbal extracts and bio-actives in their strength, energy, and stamina support strategy.

Why not just take a pill to improve your erectile function? You can, but the pills don’t contain enough of these high-quality herbs to make an impact on your erectile health. Additionally, men ages 35 and older can benefit from bioidentical testosterone replacement. I don’t recommend this for younger men because using supplements is often the most effective. Talk to your doctor about bioidentical hormone replacement.

The bottom line is penile health and size is determined by your physical health profile, your nutrition, and the amount of exercise you get to keep your circulatory systems going. These are the foundations of how to make your penis bigger.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are one of the two best ways to enlarge your penis. The other is a series of GAINSWave treatments. GAINSWave uses acoustic waves to break up penile plaque that cloggs the arteries, decreasing blood flow. Blood carrying capacity is what you need for a big, firm erect penis. GAINSWave also stimulates new tissue growth so you increase your penile dimension.

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I’ve covered topics like how to pick the best penis pump and how to effectively use them on many of my videos. You can watch my whole series on growing your cock with penis pumps here. I can assure you that they do work, still, the best thing is having an active sex life. If maintaining your erection is impacting your sex life, get your free copy of my ebook Get Hard Instantly On Command and learn how to master your cock.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger with My Two Tested Techniques

The above techniques — GAINSWave and The Whopper Penis Pump can be helpful for making your penis bigger, but I have a few more good tips for you, so keep reading, Because I’ve personally seen huge changes from these two rarely talked about, but highly effective, techniques. Plus, they’re way more fun.


Frequent, satisfying lovemaking is a circulatory workout that demands penile performance. Don’t hold yourself back because you think your penis is too small. I promise you that’s not what women care about. Get good in bed because the more sex you have, the less atrophy occurs. The more love you make, the harder your cock gets, the healthier your tissue will be. There’s a lot to learn about being a better lover. Knowing advanced orgasm skills, bedroom communication techniques, and sexual anatomy will all increase the amount of sex you’re having.

Now, masturbation, penis pumps, and even jelqing approximate intercourse but they’re not as effective. Learning to be a lover who women want to have sex with will grow your penis naturally. I have a lot to share on how to be a better lover – try starting here.

My #1 Technique for How to Make Your Penis Bigger – “Blow-and-Grow” Blowjob Technique

This is the big one that nobody talks about. In this technique, your lover not just “sucks” but “suckles” your penis. I teach lovers how to increase the size of their partner’s penis using the hand and mouth techniques of the “Blow-and-Grow.” I’ve been able to repeat my success on three men in my lifetime using this method. In every case, their penis not only got bigger and thicker but in one case I also healed one of my lover’s penile tissue wounds from a constricting penis ring. It literally felt broken. The tissue was caved in all around the area and I fixed it in ten months.

If you have trouble getting your woman to go down on you, get a copy of this ebook, The Blowjob Secret. It will show you how to teach your lover to give you oral sex that both of you enjoy, including the “Blow-and-Grow Technique.” It also explains how to convert the gag reflex into orgasmic pleasure for her and how to make love to her throat, plus my favorite blowjob sex positions. Get your copy here.

Now that you know how to make your penis bigger, the next step is keeping it hard!

So now you know the best ways to get a bigger dick. The best is the “Blow-and-Grow” technique and the second is nutrition and exercise. The third is the penis pump followed by GAINSWave. Skip the penis enlargement pills and try drinking a morning smoothie with superfoods for erectile function instead.

A big penis is only one part of the picture, you also need to be able to get and maintain an erection. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with that, too. Grab the free gift I have for you, Get Hard Instantly On Command – a free ebook with three techniques for those times when your manhood gets bendy. Plus, when you sign up you’ll also start getting my best tips for a fantastic sex life straight to your inbox. What are you waiting for?

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