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How Revive Her Drive Saved My Marriage

Sometimes, the little things… the minor changes we make each day consistently, turn our sex life back on. Read on to learn how to bring sex back into your relationship.

Check out this email I received from a fan who realized he’s been going about his whole relationship wrong and now needs some help getting down the right path.

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Hi, Susan, 

I watched your video on awakening her sexually today, and I was blown away. 

It was fantastic. I have been married for 12 years and have three kids, and we are stuck in a rut.  I thought it was the kids, but I have figured out the issue is not her but me because I have made many mistakes in creating romance and communication areas.

You just give a glimpse into the female brain and how to connect. 

My wife has been saying for years that I should be more romantic. It is not that I resisted. Instead, I really did not understand what that meant. 

Your video and some reading on your website have already given me a better understanding, and I am gaining confidence that I can figure this romantic connection out.

I am on the east coast and am wondering if you do Skype or phone counseling. I feel I could learn a lot from you. Thanks!”

— Bryan (not his real name



Hi Bryan, 

Fantastic to hear that you love my content. I put a lot of effort into making them.

I don’t do 1-on-1 coaching, but my program, Revive Her Drive is THE ONE you need. 

Guys buy Revive Her Drive to “fix” their wives. Then they told me it was just that I finally explained what women need to want to have sex frequently in the audios.

If sex used to be good when you first got married, there’s a good chance you CAN Revive Her Drive.

She’s still that girl inside. You have to bring that girl back by reminding her in ways that make sense to women.

Essentially I tell you what to do, and it works.

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how to bring sex back into your relationship

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