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Passion Playdates #4 : A more intense, more passionate relationship

Passion Playdates are when you and your partner set aside a specific time for passion play and sensual “private” activities where you both come in as beginners, to discover new experiences together.

These are little exercises and activities you can do as a couple to expand and deepen your satisfaction and pleasure together.

Today’s couples “sexercise” that will enrich your emotional and physical intimacy is to watch a workshop together that Susan Bratton and Ellen Eatough created for you.

Here’s How To Get The Workshop For FREE ⇐ 4 Keys To Sexual Ecstasy 

In this free online video “masterclass”, you’ll learn the 4 keys to sexual ecstasy. These skills translate to your everyday living. How you see each other. How you communicate in and out of bed. How you show each other that you love one another. How you help each other “balance the relationship pole” when things go wrong.

And when you finally know what these 4 keys mean to you in your relationship, you’ll open yourselves up to…

  • More pleasurable lovemaking
  • The ability (and the confidence) to surrender to each other’s pleasures
  • Multiple orgasmic capabilities
  • Prolonged sexual pleasure
  • And a passion for each other that lasts through the tests of time

This workshop shows you how to give your relationship an instant dramatic lift and transform your “good” sex life into “off the charts” fantastic.

Here’s How To Get The Workshop For FREE ⇐ 4 Keys To Sexual Ecstasy 


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