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5 Ways You Can Be Damn Sexy And SHOW It


Ladies, read this to understand every man’s core fears so you’re more empathetic to what’s going on with guys.

Men, want to have more confidence in your sexual abilities?

Fearless Sexuality ⇐ 5 Ways To Have More Sexual Confidence

Strangely, having sexual self-confidence issues affect all men sometimes. And if you examine what stresses guys out, it’s this…

Based on my survey of over 2,000 men, the most common issue in ranking order are:

Nervousness 56.83%

Negative moods 56.42%

Self-consciousness 54.25%

About a third of self-consciousness comes from a guy’s concerns over his looks which are ranked by weight, lack of fitness and how a guy’s face looks. The rest is emotional.

Fear of speaking out 50.24%

Lack of spontaneity 26.44%

Passivity 24.81%

If any of these are issues that derail your sexual confidence, read this article:

And You Can Read About It Here ⇐ Be More Confident At Lovemaking


And here’s what guys say will help them feel more confident:

Be honest and real 31.76%

Be in touch with your wants 28.96%

Be in touch with your feelings 27.04%

Be present, more in the moment 25.38%

Note, when I survey women, they say a man’s presence is the #1 thing that makes a great lover.



Read this article to discover the 5 easy ways to boost your sexual self-confidence.

This is a great way to set an intention to become even more sexually confident in 2019. 

Grow yourself and increase your ability to give intense amounts of pleasure to your partner.

Make 2019 a romantically, sensually and sexually fascinating year.

5 Most Powerful Ways You Can Have More Sexual Confidence ⇐ You Don’t Have To Be Naturally “Gifted” Or Be Impossibly Attractive

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