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How Do You Want Him To Initiate Sex With You?


Quick question for you today.

HOW exactly do you like your partner to initiate sex with you?

How do you like to be seduced?

What signals do you want to receive?

How do you like to go from your regular day or night time activities to having hot sex? Is there a warm-up?

How do you like to be approached?

Please comment on this article with what you want.

And if you do NOT like how your partner asks for sex or seduces you or does not seduce you, please also tell me about that. What do they do versus what do you wish they would do?


If you wish your partner knew how to get you in the mood better, and he’s open to learning new seduction skills, you might want to consider our Seduction Trilogy ebooks.

I asked Dr. Patti to create the Seduction Trilogy series of three ebooks and three audiobooks for me. Because guys WANT to do a good job, but they never got any training on seduction. Especially training on how to seduce their woman in a long-term relationship.


And because guys are testosterone-driven, they are always more naturally horny than we women are. So this series teaches them very simply how to get a woman in the mood for intimacy:

Seduce Her Tonight shows him how to slow way down and connect with us emotionally and woo our bodies.

The Seduction Accelerator shows him how to suggest sexy things we’d like to do that move us toward more desire.

And Her Sexual Trainer shows him how to act in a way that opens us to our sexual potential. He becomes our safe yet exciting lover who expands our orgasmic pleasure with confidence.

The Seduction Trilogy ⇐ What Men Need To Do To Get Us In The Mood

You could get a lot of benefit out of this information yourself, especially if you can teach your guy these techniques.

Even my husband Tim who knows ALL these techniques still forgets sometimes because he’s just a dude. When I remind him he snaps right back to turning me on the way I need it as a woman.

Seduction is a give and take. You can learn these skills together as a couple’s project. That’s what we did. It made Tim less needy and we started to have a lot more fun sex together because he finally knew how to seduce me.

I am curious and excited to receive your reply about how you like to be seduced.

Please let me know if you’re married, dating, single, etc and your age when you reply.

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2 Responses

  1. hi Susan
    Something that I noticed is that compared to your previous situation with Tim when you had to work together to have the hot fun that you are having now, about 90 percent of the cases you help with have the man alone fighting on his own to bring intimacy back into the marriage. you talk a lot about couples project, but it seems not to happen often. Juts wanted to say that.

    As far as your article goes, as a dude, obviously the signals will have to be much explicit or straightforward. On a lower level, it will be slow sensual dancing in close proximity with lots of hugging and kiss on cheeks, lots of slow hip movements on my intimate parts, sitting close to each other with her body towards mine one hand around my neck the other stroking my chest,, her slightly bending over to show some cleavage while looking at me or pressing her chest against me while hugging and looking at me.

    On a high level, it would be wearing more revealing outfits that enhances her physical features, and always making sure that I see it, sitting on my alp or her straddling me, her taking my head and leading me to a secure location so I can take her, or even taking the lead by just kissing me.

    Those are what I can think of as a single dude

    1. I DIDN’T always work together with Tim. I do now. But he had to get me there. My Revive Her Drive program is for men who need to learn how to get her there.

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