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How To Fix A Sexless Marriage Post Abuse

If you’re in a sexless marriage or relationship, you’re probably confused why. It might have started out ok, or like a man I just talked to –his wife hasn’t had sex with him the entire 8 years of their marriage –ever!

He keeps waiting and she keeps promising. But it never happens.

Heaven knows you’ve tried your best to initiate intimacy. But whatever you’ve done, it’s just not working. 

Well, A LOT of times it’s not about what you’re doing, or what you’re not doing. 

And it’s not about your partner no longer being attracted to you. 

It could have something to do with what happened in the past. 

You or your partner may have experienced some form of sexual abuse or trauma that has been welling up inside. Something that makes you or your partner want to avoid intimacy. 

That’s why in today’s video, Ariel Giarretto and I talk about how you can FIX your sexless marriage when one of you has gone through sexual abuse, trauma, or shame. 

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Most of the steamy sizzle you felt when you first got together is part of the what I call the New Relationship Energy. 

It’s when both of you were so hot and turned on by one another that your desires, drives, and lust for each other’s passion was truly explosive. 

But as time passed, and the New Relationship Energy wears off, you both get knocked back to reality. And if one (or both) of you have some form of sexual trauma, it’s going to surface like a really bad stain. 

Here’s how you FIX your sexless marriage or relationship. 

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I also want to give you my book, the Soulmate Embrace. 

This technique is a very heart-connected, slow and sensual way to hold your partner in a way that relaxes both of your hearts, minds, and bodies. 

I’ve always said that men get as much pleasure and satisfaction from holding their partner as women. 

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