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Why exactly aren’t you having the intimacy you want?

Many people have pain when they are intimate with another person. Or they are not getting close because it hurts. 

Others are sad when they think about how they look to others.

Some people are so exhausted from an illness or stress they have no energy for intimacy.

While others wish they had it, their libido has flatlined.

I request you to reply to this email and tell me if you have any kind of physical reason, health reason, pain, fear, or trauma because emotion equals physical sensation. So for any reason, you are not currently intimate with another person besides not having a partner. Any pain in body, mind, or spirit… tell me what it is.

I want to ensure you’re being heard… if you haven’t heard already. And I want to help with honest, open-heart advice. 

I will never let anyone know that you sent me your situation. This reply comes to my inbox.

There will be so many replies I won’t be able to email you back. But you will get to watch the answers in future emails and articles. 

But I read EVERY email. And your emails touch my heart. 

I care about you even if we’ve never corresponded.

Your sensual and intimate life happiness is my purpose and passion.

Thank you for replying to this email describing any physical/emotional issues that keep you from satisfying intimacy. Do not reply if you lack intimacy because you do not have a partner. 

This is a healthcare-related or relationship-related, not dating-related, question. Though I understand they are intertwined.

4 Responses

  1. MY wife has never been interested in sex no matter what i do. i have practiced numerous thing you have taught your followers. 6 years ago she had a Dr. diagnose some kind of auto immune problem in her vagina and that was all she needed in NO MORE SEX. i suggested other Dr. for a another opinion, offer her some of your books to read and interviews you have on your website with no interest in looking at them. suggestions??

  2. Number one reason why we don’t have intimacy, is my wife has no desire anymore. Plus she has let herself go. Her weight is about 150 lbs more than when we met. So for me I’m not much about looking at her anymore. That’s why I’m looking for a FWB. We had quite a discussion about this some time back. I believe I finally convinced you I had a good reason to. I appreciate your response and I do try to put your advice to good use. I still haven’t found a FWB, but I’m not giving up. Although my sex drive is starting to fade. I’m hoping if I could get back in the game, I might be lucky enough to get it back. Thank you Susan. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hi. We’ve been together 25 years, married 5 years. Our sex life is basically non existent. We are 43 her and 46 me. I rarely initiate and she doesn’t at all. I have developed a fear of rejection and that is why I’ve stopped. I struggle to communicate and when I get it out, my point isn’t accepted

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