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Gifts That Put Her In The Mood For Love


Your woman’s birthday, or your anniversary may or may not be coming up…

But you don’t really need a “special date” to give her a gift from the heart.

We love getting surprise gifts. They don’t even have to be expensive.

Even a small thing can brighten up our day, and put us in the mood for love.

One of my readers asked about my Amazon store so he could pick what he wanted to give to his woman.

I put this collection of sparkly, very inexpensive items together because if you’re like my husband, Tim, you find it nearly impossible to pick a gift you’re confident she will like.

The items I selected have nearly universal appeal. They are simple, sparkly and really shout, “YOU ARE TREASURED!”

Besides, she can always return it to Amazon and get something else. It’s the effort that counts.

Read Ryan’s email and my response below.

Check Out My Amazon Store Here ⇐ Delightful Gifts For Your Lady



I love all that you have done for me and my woman.

Question, you had an email that included something about bling and how women like that and you had a link to your Amazon store.

I can not find that in my email and want to get my Baby a bling ring and the one that I saw in your store was what I wanted to get her.

Once again, you are so sweet and your YouTube videos are so great.

Thanks again for all that you do bringing your gift to us.” — Ryan (not his real name)



That is so awesome! I was just talking to a woman at the grocery store. She had these huge diamond (fake) earrings. We were saying how much we loved sparkly stuff.

And earlier today my mother gave me a couple of her rings. I’m wearing them right now.  

We women really do love our  jewelry!

You’re a good man.

Here is the link:

It’s under “Gifts for Her.”

Why not get a little organic lube while you’re there… you might need it after giving her a sparkling gift of your love.

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