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How To Have Safe Hot Sex (Video)

How do you have safe, HOT sex? Is it even possible? How likely are you to get a sexually transmitted infection? How soon should you sleep with a new boyfriend/girlfriend/fling? Is it really necessary to have the “Safe Sex Talk?”

If you’re dating around, your chances of getting an STI multiply like horny rabbits.

Safe sex is more than just wearing condoms.

I answer all the above questions and go in deep with everything about STIs in my Safe Sex YouTube videos. Today, I’m giving you the entire playlist.

Click Here To Watch My Safe Sex YouTube Videos ⇐ How To Have The Safe Sex Talk + Which STI Tests To Get + MORE


Here are the videos in my Safe Sex Playlist.

  • How To Have The Safe Sex Talk
  • When To Have The Safe Sex Talk ⇐ GOOD ONE!
  • Which STI Tests To Get
  • When Should You Sleep With Someone?
  • How To Have Safe Sex
  • How To Have Safe HOT Sex
  • How To Discuss Sexual Boundaries And Avoid STIs
  • Sport Sexing
  • Why Some Men Fantasize About Other Men Having Sex With Their Wives

And I’ll be adding more videos soon.

Here’s Where To Watch My Videos ⇐ How To Have The Safe Sex Talk

Avoid STI Playlist

I also want to give you one of my FREE books about 3 core sex skills that give you and your lover more erotic pleasure.

It’s called “How To Be Instantly Hotter And Sexier In Bed.”

Just because I want you to have safe sex doesn’t mean it should be boring.

Nope. If you know me, I always love a good steamy sex date.

You should have some too.

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Instantly Hotter and Sexier Gift

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