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73 With ED

Michael is 73 and still wants sex (although his wife would rather he give up). Learn how to have sex during old age.

Here’s what he’s tried and what I recommend next.

“Hi, Susan,

I got your email recommending GAINSWave treatments for ED. I completed a 6-session treatment of Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy with Boston Medical Group.

I thought that the shockwave treatment would make a difference – but just like the various herbs – nothing – no tangible change.

I have had a complete physical inspection by a health provider, including a look with a camera. Nothing.

I have a prescription for the injections. They primarily work, but not well. It’s easy to lose the erection with some physical activity – then sit still for a bit, and it comes back. Not conducive to satisfactory intercourse anymore. In the beginning, they helped physically, but having to take a shot every time is a pretty lousy mood spoiler, especially when the mood and intimacy are part of the problem.

She has never admitted that my having to take a shot makes her feel that she is not desirable enough – but she has commented about the mood spoiler (my words, not hers). Many words can be added here, but the bottom line is that I ruined a good thing and firmly brought out her latent “dislike” of even simple physical intimacy (I’m too old for this silliness, and sex is wrong if it’s not for procreation, etc.) Now she thinks so little of herself that she has let her body go badly – and so have I.

My ED problem goes back more than 30 years (I am 73). I’ve been getting steadily worse and worse. It’s a significant contributor to my sexless marriage. It is not the sole cause, but maybe if I had been able to perform well enough, I could have figured out a lot sooner that I had a great deal (a significant – colossal amount) to learn about how to be a desirable intimate partner.

Through your programs, I have learned much about what I did not do and many things I could have tried. I did try some things to recover some intimacy – but it amounts to far too little, far too late – and it is steeped in my pessimistic view of myself and my inability to work steadily toward a plan. I try something, and if it either is not accepted or fails, I quit trying with my usual internal grimace and internal remark that you expected to fall, so you did – I don’t tend to do that with most of the rest of my life – just where it requires me to give of ME.

In any case, you should know that the shockwave process does not fix or even help everyone.

Thanks for listening.


My Reply: (scroll down)

Hi Michael,

You’re only 73. You’ve got a good 20-25 years or more on this planet. Don’t let this hurdle keep you two from having another quarter of a century of great sex together. Like anything, you must work around, overcome, compromise, and adjust to old age.

I’m sorry the shockwave wasn’t able to help you get off the Trimix injections. The Boston Medical Group uses RejuvaPulse, which is not the GAINSWave brand. It is low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave technology. That’s why I recommend it. Many people are doing LI-ESWT in many ways… It was worth a try if you had six treatments that didn’t work. What if it WORKED?

Note: GAINSWave is the only official brand of patented technology. Here is an ebook describing the procedure. Michael is one of only two men who it has not worked for. So if you are having issues with firmness – getting blood in or keeping it in – GAINSWave may work for you.

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Perhaps the TriMix injection with a pump could be the trick? Has your doctor recommended this combination?

Even if your wife is using these roadblocks as an excuse to stop making love, if you can find a way to keep her willing, it’s in her best interest. Don’t think that sex is just for you. It’s for her health too. But because men are testosterone-driven, you have a more keen desire for sex. Your passion for sex is present and linear; as you’ve seen, it will not go away as you age. So you might increase your seductive and sexual skills to facilitate your woman’s desire.

Women in monogamous relationships have a non-linear sexual response. The book, Integrative Sexual Health, explains Basson’s non-linear model of female sexual health. It’s normal for women to experience “responsive desire.” They enter sex from a willingness to participate, not because they are horny like you.

Spontaneous desire does not proceed with arousal for your wife or any of us. That’s why so many women say they are glad we HAD sex after the fact, even though they didn’t want it before you seduced us.

A lot of guys think their wife isn’t sexual. Or they aren’t attracted to them. Or they get mad that they always have to initiate. I say, just let that go and be the masculine sexual leader she needs you to be. Life is not fair. You know that.

It’s a bummer for us women that we can’t be already horny for you guys. That you have to help us get over the hump. But as soon as you take the reins and lead us to our pleasure, things get easier.

Her limiting beliefs about sex for procreation and that she’s too old and blah blah are obstacles you need to overcome. You won’t do anything against her will, but you must learn to seduce your woman at the ripe old age of 73, which is still young.

You may have to ramp up your sexy talk and spend more time touching her while not trying to have intercourse. You want to get her to the point where she is simmering with desire for you. Her body memory knows she enjoys intimacy.

Each woman is different, so seducing your wife requires a combination of taking her out for walks in nature, buying her sparkly things (they don’t need to be expensive, and giving her a lot of full body massages that get her begging you to massage her Yoni (genitals).

Romance and seduction are fun! It’s all in your attitude.

Here is my free ebook, 30 Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic. Inside I explain why romancing her is the foreplay she needs and which romantic things are most likely to lead to sex.

As well, here is my Dirty Talk free ebook. You’ll discover both your “dirty talk styles” so you can begin to get her mind turned on between sex dates. This shows you how to talk dirty during sex without weirding her out. She sounds very traditional. So you’ll need this advice. in a new tab)

And third, I suggest you invest in my Seduction Trilogy program. I had my darling mentor, Dr. Patti Taylor put together this easy system with four keys to seduction for guys to seduce even the most stubborn, resistant, shut-down long-term partners. It’s seduction with integrity. Nothing manipulative. It flows the way women flow, which is the opposite of what you are doing as a guy because you don’t know how women operate. And these four keys are what testosterone-driven and goal-oriented guys need to know to seduce women who are meandering, estrogen-driven creatures.

Because you’re linear, you try to get sex way faster than she is ready for it. So you get rejected. The 4 Keys To Seduction model will help you make the small offers that ramp up to lovemaking in a way that enables you to get her there as fast and often as possible without pushing her away by driving her there too fast. It’s a delicate balance, and the 4 Keys model WORKS!

Just like in my program, Revive Her Drive, which explains that to get regular sex from a woman like your wife, you need to:

1) Romance Her Mind So She Remembers Why She Wanted You

2) Awaken Her Sensual Body Instead of Trying To Get Sex

3) Become The Masculine Sexual Leader Who Seduces Her

4) Learn To Operate Her Sexual Nervous System

Revive Her Drive explains the big picture and gives you TONS of ideas to try based on your type of wife.

Being physically close has so many advantages, and receiving your semen gives her a load of Testosterone which keeps her confident; serotonin which helps her happiness; and, among many other mood-stabilizing substances, zinc which helps keep her mind sharp. Plus, there is oxytocin – the bonding hormone – which keeps her feeling in love and connected to you.

Oh, and the more testosterone you can get into her via semen, the more she will want sex. Testosterone has been shown to improve sexual function in low-libido women. A 2005 meta-analysis of 35 trials lasting 1.5 to 2.4 months and including 4,768 women demonstrated that supplemental testosterone improved sexual function scores and increased the number of sexually satisfying encounters. (Integrative Sexual Health).

I use a daily bio-identical compounded vaginal application of testosterone in an organic coconut oil carrier cream to increase lubrication and sexual pleasure.

Here are more videos about vaginal dryness.

And more videos about bioidentical hormone replacement with Dr. Glenn Wilcox, my doctor.

sex during old age

You’re only 73. You’ve got a good 20-25 years or more on this planet. Don’t let this hurdle keep you two from having another quarter of a century of great sex together. Like anything, you must work around, overcome, compromise, and adjust to old age.

When you get to your seventies, you have the time and experience to be the best lover you’ve ever been in your life. I have said many times men don’t get excellent until they are in their sixties.

What if you two are not even at your peak of extraordinary intimacy, incredible orgasmic pleasure, and deep connection?

Do it if you have to hold the torch for your sex life. Follow the steps above and make sure you are also taking care of any issues she’s having from aging.

The intra-vaginal RF and CO2 lasers for women today are fantastic at rejuvenating delicate vaginal tissues. The Orgasm Shot for women made from PRP (platelet-rich plasma) from her blood reinfected into her entire clitoral structure can make her orgasms feel like she’s 35 again.

I did an entire video series on my experiences with these procedures. I was having pain with intercourse and did the CO2 laser inside, the RF therapy on my outer labia, and 3 Orgasm Shots, and my sexual response at 57 is BETTER than in my mid-30s. I am a better comer now and have youthful tissues – an excellent combination!

sex during old age

Please consider trying again. I am sending you much love and appreciation for your kind note.

Please let me know what course of action you choose to move forward. Remember, you are the leader of your sex life for both you and your wife.

Sex is good for you both! So see if you can try and make it work.

I’m rooting for you!

One Response

  1. So much of this sounds all too familiar, except for the part of the wife not feeling horny.
    I’m 66 and my partner, also named Michael is 69.
    He seems devoted to me except when it comes to seduction and romance. I suspect that he is finding other ways to pleasure himself and feel masculine, other than by me and my willing desire to explore sexual adventures together. I believe he turns to porn and flirting with women on internet sites, leaving me abandoned and feeling undesirable.
    He apologizes that his body isn’t working like it use to and our occasional sexual encounters ( far and few) can be steamy, and always leads to a blow job, but never intercourse, because he looses his erection quickly.
    I’ve read that men need several days to restore testosterone after they’ve ejaculated. I feel as if I’m in the land of physical and mental frustration.
    I’d appreciate any suggestions you might have?

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