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Missionary Sex Position: Domination Twist

A gentle, firm touch tells her it’s safe to ALLOW you to dominate her in bed. Read on to learn how to get her in your bed.

Has it been seven years since Fifty Shades of Grey brought DOMINATION out of the closet and into the mainstream bedroom? I still find it fascinating that a fan-fic teen romance novel could strike such a mighty cord in women everywhere. But then again, it’s not all that surprising. Most women secretly crave the experience of being TAKEN.

HOW TO TAKE HER ⇐ WATCH NOW! (Step-by-step instructions)


This video offers a step-by-step tutorial to step into a dominant role in a slow but steady manner. I teach you how to roll out a series of techniques in order of intensity to escalate her arousal.

If domination is new to you…

Or if the two of you have discussed power play but you’re not sure how to go about it…

You’ll love this stair-step approach. Get ready to step into an entirely new sexual experience!

The beauty of this approach is that you start in familiar, comfortable territory (Missionary position) and TAKE HER ever so gently at first. Then slowly increase the dominance, so she has no chance of resisting you.

She’ll have no choice but to submit to your powerful desire to HAVE YOUR WAY WITH HER. Yowza! I get turned on just thinking about it!


This position is just one of the collections I included in my book, 7 Stimulating Sex Positions. 

In this book, you’ll discover how to incorporate sex toys into partner play and pleasure multiple erotic spots simultaneously. 

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how to get her in your bed

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